Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Best Day of my Life

On May 26, 2007 exactly two years ago today, I married my wonderful, loving husband Chris! So much has happened in these last two years: a dog, two children, a house, I finished college, etc. If I could have one day to relive out of my entire life it would be my wedding day. It was the most beautiful, happiest day of our lives. I find myself reminiscening about it all throughout the year. I thought a cool blog post would be giving 26 fun facts about our wedding day, so here it goes.

1. We were married on a sunny, humid Saturday at 3:00pm.
2. The color theme was all white with a touch of gold and the bridal party wore light blue.
3. The night before our wedding I slept perfectly. I wasn't a bit nervous, just excited!
4. Our wedding favors were blue Christmas ornaments of Mary and Jesus. People from our wedding still put them on their trees!
5. I walked down the aisle to "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" not the typical "Here Comes the Bride" as that is not a religious song.
6. Our rings are made of white gold.
7. The meal choices at our wedding were Filet Mignon with lobster or salmon. The best food ever!
8. We sat at a sweetheart table rather than a bridal party table. So romantic and our bridal party members could sit with their significant others which was good.
9. We danced to a "Moment like This" by Kelly Clarkson. We didn't have a special song.
10. I danced to "My Girl" with my Dad, my favorite song as a kid.
11. Each of our tables were named after a saint rather than given a number.
12. There was a T-storm during our reception which was so cool because all of the windows lit up.
13. One of the coolest memories was riding around Center City, Philadelphia after we were married. The windows in the white cloud were down and people in their cars and on the street were congratulating us and waving.
14. We had a dessert room at our reception, a room with nothing but desserts and fancy coffee. They made cherries jubilee in there and had tons of cakes and pasties.
15. All my siblings were in the wedding, we figured they had to get dressed up anyway.
16. The hair salon that did all of our hair had coloring pages, bagels and juice for us which was really sweet of them.
17. We had a band and DJ at our reception.
18. We ate lunch before the wedding! The best thing to do as a bride. My mom ordered a hoagie tray.
19. The bridal party rode in a white stretch limo Hummer. My little sisters were so excited about riding in one they stood by the window looking for it all morning.
20. We got all the girl's dresses online.
21. As we were leaving for church all of our neighbors came out to see us and take pics.
22. Our wedding started on time, I was obsessed with that.
23. We spent our wedding night at our house. Chris decorated our room with tons of candles and roses.
24. We took a 7 day Royal Carribean cruise and then spent 2 days in San Juan for our honeymoon. We had a room on the ship with a balcony and it was the most amazing vacation I've ever been on and ever will be. The food and expeditions everyday were awesome.
25. The moring after our wedding my little sister ran down to my room to wake me up and didn't realize I didn't live at home anymore.
26. I had both black and white/color pics taken at our wedding and had the wedding professionally DVDed. The best investments because I get to relive the day forever.

For all those who came to our wedding, leave a comment with your favorite or funny memory from that day! I love hearing people's perspective on our day. For instance, one of my friends said that my little brothers were wispering cues to one another as they walked down the aisle saying "go slower" and "smile." haha!


  1. Happy Anniversary! It was the best day of my life too! I'm so glad I'm married to you! (I bet you can't guess who I am!)

  2. my favorite memory was when chris threw the guarder and louis was trying to catch it with the adults and dad had to pull him out of the pile of people. it was funny that we have pictures of it to seeing those pictures crack me up all the time.


  3. and who is that creepy person that thinks their married to you, im telling chris! lol jk

  4. Congratulations! How did you celebrate? n was away our 1st and I went into labor our 2nd. I have not had a normal one yet. How do normal ones go? last year you went to fork?

    One of my favorite memories from your wedding day was being with you and the bridal party before you went down the aisle. It was also really special to be with you as you took your art museum pictures. What an amazingly gorgeous wedding!!! It was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to.

    do you think you will ever have a large scale vow renewal or anniversary party? for 20,25, or 30?

  5. well we haven't celebrated yet. on our anniversary this year i got really sick with some sort of bug and was up all night. last year we did the fork which was delicious. this weekend we will probably go out to dinner, but we haven't picked a place yet.

    we did watch our wedding dvd and that has become a tradition. i find i get more and more emotional watching it each year. i think it's bc things change so much. like i see people and i'm like "o they moved away" or "she has a baby now!" and even "that person passed away." i think it will get really emotional watching it when the little kids get bigger. thank goodness we have such a great dvd of the day so i can relive it. i know many brides who didn't get one and really regret it.
    thank you for being with me before i walked down the aisle. i had that brief moment of panic when everybody walked down bc i needed someone to fix my dress and you did it great.
    i'd love to do a large renewal at 10 years. i know that's early, but my kids could be in it and i would still be young enough to look good in a dress! lol! how about you?

  6. Marjorie and Chris,
    Your wedding was such a GORGEOUS, JOYOUS day! I loved a lot - how amazingly your Mom had decorated the family house where we got ready, I loved being a bridesmaid! We were spoiled beyond belief! I loved riding the Hummer limo. I loved the Fr. Kevin's homily quoting "It's a Wonderful Life." Ok a highlight - Marjorie, your parents in the Hummer limo after the ceremony: your Mom said, "1 down!" And your Dad said, "13 to go!" And they gave one another a high 5! It was so cute! Your Mom and I also had a really cool convo about being open to new life (lots of babies) - it was great! And oh my - I loved, loved, loved the dessert room - what a true taste of Heaven! It was such a banquet of delights! Wow! I have so many memories from that special day! I'm so glad you're married! Way to go, Chris and Marjorie! 2 years down, many to go!!! :)