Thursday, June 11, 2009

RSVP and etc, etc.

I wondering if others have had this experience. Have you ever been invited to a party and asked to bring a ton of stuff? For example, been sent an invitation and asked in the invitation to bring cash, food, where something specific or other special requests? I was raised to not ask guests to bring things to a party that their "gift" is their presence, is this a strange/old fashioned idea? Plus it doesn't make sense to ask in an invitation before the person RSVPs.
I've been asked to bring specific food items, the craziest of which being to bring 24 egg rolls! I've also been asked to bring cash to pay for an event or activity at a party. I think that if you can't pay for a event/activity for your guests than don't have it! I don't mind being asked to bring a book for a baby shower or something like that, but getting an invitation with three different requests I find burdensome, even rude. This hasn't happened recently, but I was reading an article in a parents magazine that discussed this. The highlight of the article was that the parents were asked to cook and bring hard to make food and other requests to parties, so apparently this is happening more and more and parents are wondering how to respond without sounding impolite. So what do you think? Does this bother you? Do you go to parties that ask you to bring/do a lot of stuff? Has this ever happened to you and what's the craziest story you have? (you can remain anonymous)


  1. What! I wouldn't go! That is so rude. It's one thing if it is a family get together and it is understood people help out and bring something and then let them know what you want to get. But for someone to specifically tell you what to bring it a little weird...and yeah to help pay for it...WHAT! Exactly, then don't have the party. I was invited to a baptism but on the invite it said to bring a towel and bathing suit if you want to go in a pool but that is totally acceptable. For Joseph's baptism we had our family help us out and bring food....(not that it was on the invite but we asked the fam and they helped). But friends especially def shouldnt just assign something to you. Now, if they confided in you personally in phone call and was like, "hey, we kinda need some help with the food situation cause we have been a little tight" I would think that would be fine and then ask "ok well what should I bring?"

  2. haha! yeah, i think it's fine if someone calls and offers to bring things or you ask them over the phone once they say they are coming and of course family is different. but yeah, once i even got asked to send $50 ahead of time for a component of the party along with a specific food item. needless to say i didn't go bc it was also almost 2 hrs away. there have also been parties where i've been asked to pay for myself to eat and it was expensive! well i'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks this is all crazy!

  3. thanks everyone for all of the comments (i've gotten a lot of private e-mails about the subject) and was surprised to hear about the things people were asked to contribute to parties, especially $$$. some of you were asked to dole out big bucks!
    what i think it comes down to is that people need to be more sensitive to the issue (especially during these economic times) and not assume people have what their asking.