Thursday, July 2, 2009

10 Months!

My little bumbo (Christopher's nickname since he was in the womb) is getting so big! He is seriously the cutest little boy ever. His lastest endeavors include pointing (with his index finger) to things. He'll say "du" for Duke our dog and "dada" for Chris. The other day Chris got home from work and he laughed and crawled to him, he was excited to see him. He is cruising (holding onto a table or whatever and walking along). He will also let go and stand alone for a few seconds or take a step or two before falling down. He's a big eater and will do anything for food. lol! I'm taking him to the park this weekend for a photo shot with my cam and his new Adirondack chair. So 10 month pics to come!
As for baby #2, I've passed the big 12 week mark. I went yesterday to the doctor's to hear the heartbeat for the first time and they couldn't find it. I was scared to death because I know that's how a lot of women find out they've miscarried. Plus, the doctor was being really quiet and went and got the portable ultrasound. She turned it to face her, but Chris was looking over her shoulder and was like "Don't worry the heart's beating." The doctor gave him the funniest look like "Who are you?" But I was so relieved! Those few minutes felt like forever. The ultrasound confirmed everything was fine and the baby has gotten so much bigger! H/she has a big head like Christopher! haha! Above are some pics of me at 13 weeks, Chris did a little photo shoot of me :)


  1. I'm so glad to hear everything went well with the ultrasound. I can't even imagine how you felt before you heard the heartbeat! I probably would have thrown up. Speaking of which, how is the morning sickness?

  2. morning sickness is better. there are some days that i get sick and throw up, but most are going much better! thanks for asking.