Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fun with Gender Prediction

Thought this chinese gender chart was fun. Some scientist claim it's 93% accurate at telling you the gender of a baby before it's born. Well with Christopher it was wrong! lol! It said I had a 92% chance of having a girl. Now it says I have a 67% of having girl, so it's probably a boy again :) Anyway it's all for fun, just put in the month you conceived and the age you were when you conceived and see what you get. If you've already had your baby, you can still try it and see if it was right. I'm curious to see if it's right or wrong for other people, so share your results!
This was a fun quiz about if you'd be better at parenting a boy or girl. Chris and I both took it and it said that we don't have a perference for either gender which is weird because we both answered completely differently. Still was fun to do and some of the questions are tough and really make you think!


  1. the chinese one was right for eve, wrong for judah! oh well- 50/50!

  2. The Chinese calandar was right for Tommy. I wouldnt put too much weight in it though! How could that be accurate when the time/age you concieved has really nothing to do with how a child is a boy or a girl! haha! It is still fun though :) I hope you have a girl, bc I'm really curious as to what a baby jones girl looks like !

  3. it can't be more than 50% accurate (chance), it's just for fun really. what the age/time has to do with it is based in ancient research? apparently, scientist took women's ages/time they conceived over several years and worked out the percentages of what gender they had. interesting really, but i wouldn't put much faith in it.

  4. some other interesting info- the reason they did all of this research is bc for the chinese culture gender is very important. they are only allowed to have one child and they prefer males. males are considered in their culture to be superior to females and males carry on the family name. so in ancient times and still today they use this chart to plan conception and try for a boy.
    i do want to see what our next baby looks like. i think it would be really strange if the next one looks like me bc christopher doesn't look like me at all. another boy would be so much easier bc i already have all of the clothes and i just picture myself as a mom of boys. but a girl would be nice too bc it would be different. we'll see what God planned soon enough!