Monday, July 13, 2009

Future Plans 4 this Year

It's funny that this post follows my schedule one bc they are a lot alike! I've been working on a few projects lately which includes a scrapbook for Christopher which I want to have done by his 1st birthday for all to see. I'm very into scrapbooking and spend a few bucks on supplies whenever we can afford it. I made a page for each month till 12 mos and it is my best scrapbook thus far (but my honeymoon one comes in a close 2nd). I'll post some pics of the pages after his party for anyone who can't make it, but wants to see the book.

I'm so crazy with thinking ahead. I find that I can't wait for one season and as soon as that season rolls around, I want it to be the next season. Here are some of the plans I have made for fall/winter already!
I've selected a Christmas card for this year (I wanted to do a little better than the walgreens one of last year). It's a 5x7 photo card that contains four pictures (I don't want to share the link bc I want it to be a surprise) on the card. It's a little more costly than walgreens ones, but I don't get pro pics of us or Christopher often because I take my own so it's a little annual splurge. I also picked out a birth annoucement photo cards for baby #2 which is equally cool. It will show about 6 pics on the card.

I'm thinking about sewing Christopher a Christmas outfit and a matching one for the baby. I know the baby won't be here for Christmas, but I'm still going to take Christmas pics of them anyway bc it will still be the Christmas season. I'm thinking of overalls for Christopher and making a matching set for an infant boy and a gown (I love long gowns) for a baby girl. The extra outfit I will either give away or save for a future child. My problem is what color/fabric? Please give your input! I'm thinking of plaid (red/green) or red satin or velvet in royal blue. Open for suggestions! If I get the time and my sister in law would like it, I was thinking of doing a dress for my niece too (she's 2). It would be cute to have all the grandkids match and take a Christmas pic.

For Halloween I'm making Christopher a pumpkin and I'm going to paint my belly as one too (my lil pumpkins is the theme)! It's such a crazy thing to do, but so much fun! When am I ever going to have a belly so big for Halloween? I have to do something radically funny...haha!

Finally, we will be going to Stone Harbor, NJ soon for our week long summer vacation!!! I know I can go down as often as I like bc we live so close, but spending a week there with family is so much fun. I'm excited bc this will be the 1st year we have a baby on vacation with us (last year I was 9mos prego and the walk to the beach was painfully slow! lol!) Christopher loves the water and wants to walk everywhere (with us holding his hands), I have my fingers crossed that he'll know how in time for the trip. So many, many pics from that trip to come. What do you do for summer vacation? Please comment on any of the many topics above about what you/your family does!


  1. I love scrapbooking, did u ever see the one that I did for matt? I know you saw a few pages but I don't know if you saw the rest, it came out really good, I was surprised because everyone knows im not the artistic type. Anyway I can't believe your already talking about Christmas it's depressing, I think you should definitely go with plaid green and red if you can find a nice pattern.

    -Petchie :-)

  2. I am determined to get a Christmas card out this year! I'm glad you mentioned it, because I should start addressing envelopes now, haha. I can't believe you are sewing their Christmas outfits, wow! I wish I was able to sew that well. You can do so much with it.

  3. getting the photo cards online is pretty adorable and they come with envelopes too most times. i love being able to sew, i took one basic class (which i would recommend trying)when i was 12 and learned the rest on my own and haven't stopped since! i sewn christening gowns, dresses, tablecloths, halloween costumes, etc. the only bummer is that the price of fabric has gone up, so sometimes it's not worth the time/money to sew an everyday outfit that you could get for $20. but when it comes to special occasion clothes you can really save and make what you can't find in stores.

  4. opps! i meant affordable. and as for addressing envelopes i have all my addresses in a word document and i just print them directly to Avery labels. haven't addressed an envelope since!