Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Good Purchase

I bought the Windex All in One Cleaning kit and was really pleased! It was $12 at Walmart and came with the metal cleaning pole (reaches 11 feet) and a cleaning pad. One cleaning pad cleans about 20 standard windows, so I was able to clean all of my 1st floor windows. Simply hose your windows, brush with the cleaning pad/pole to soap it up and rinse clean, no drying needed. It didn't leave any streaks or water marks just like it advertises! My windows looks great, so I'm going to buy a refill cleaning pad pack later in the year to do them again.


  1. Thanks for sharing. It is always helpful to know what really works.

  2. I'm telln ya, I am really starting to like Walmart (Target snob for years). There is a super walmart near us that is so clean, and nice,new construction and really big. I get all our food there too....they have a bakery, produce, deli section, (the size of their market section is the size of a regular supermarket. We save so much money!!!

  3. yes! i prefer target for clothes, but everything else is so much cheaper at walmart. it's saves alot of time bargain hunting. there is a new super walmart here to, so i'm thinking of doing grocery shopping there now.