Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th

With a bear in OC
He loved this bear!
In the baby pool
We spent the 4th of July at home this year as a family. Christopher splashed around in the baby pool we got him. At first he cried and cried, but I kept him in the pool till he got used to it (that's my parenting style) and once he calmed down he loved it! We grilled for dinner and went to the Ocean City boardwalk afterwards. Poor Duke was so scared of the fireworks (which are set off in our town right by us) that he jumped out of the gated area we had for him. Above are some pics of Christopher in the baby pool and Duke playing frisbee in our yard.


  1. So sweet in the pool! baby girl loves the bath. I think she would love the pool as well as long as it was bath warm water. The ocean water so cold, and I think that is why she got so upset at the waves.

    The pictures of Duke are really very neat pictures.

  2. thanks! he doesn't get baths bc our tub is too difficult to use for bathing babies, so i knew he would cry at first. chris took the pics of duke using sport mode which is so cool! you can really take cool moving pics with that mode.