Thursday, July 9, 2009


I know I posted one back in December almost a half a year ago! So I figured I do one again for anyone who was curious. It's really interesting how I fall into scheduling my life since I never write it down and I'm so busy, but it just happens. I think it may be because I'm a teacher and so used to having to have one? Anyhow here is how my day goes with a 10 month old:
7-8am Christopher wakes up, I dress him and he eats a jar of Gerber breakfast (the whole thing) followed by a bottle

8-9am Is playtime while I make beds, get dressed, fed the dog, eat and do other morning chores

9am Begins tutoring while Christopher plays in his playpen

10am-12pm Christopher takes a morning nap (I've really wanted to change from morning naps to one long afternoon nap from 12-3pm, but he gets so cranky still I haven't been able to transition. I've even tried putting him to bed later, etc. He just needs this nap!)

12-12:30pm Lunch for all. Christopher will eat a jar of Gerber vegs for lunch and a bottle

1-2:30pm More tutoring while Christopher plays

3pm We walk the dog and then I run any errands I have outside the house

4pm Christopher goes down for another nap while I start dinner and do laundry

5-6pm Dinner for everyone, even the dog. We all eat together in the kitchen (even the dog!) because I really want dinner to be a family priority. Christopher eats a jar of Gerber dinner (stage 2), has some Gerber puffs and a bottle. He's a big eater!

7pm Bathtime for Christopher followed by quiet playtime with Dad while I shower, story, bottle and bed.

8pm I usually work on a craft like scrapbooking, sewing or internet while Chris watches TV

Reading this actually makes me laugh because I wonder if I'm the only person who lives such a scripted life! lol! Am I? The weekends are different though because we're always doing things.


  1. You're not the only one! My schedule is more set on nights that I work. LoL I'd go kinda nuts if I didn't have some kind of routine. My days off aren't as scripted, but I def. am a list maker. I may not get all my "to do's" checked off, but there's something about crossing things off that I enjoy. Thanks for sharing. I'm amazed at how you have all the energy to do everything you do!

  2. a schedule is good...mine isn't quite like that cause Joseph will do different things, different days. And I nanny so his nap time on those days are later on when his little body just can't handle all the fun from the kids anymore. I do think it is healthy to have a schedule, and do stay active with your baby. It is not a good place when you kinda internalize, never really do anything, sleep in till whenever after a feeding, and kinda never want to really venture out with people. I was like that in the beginning until I was forced to get on a schedule with nannying (blessing in disguise).

  3. It was really neat seeing your schedule. After reading yours, I had to laugh at myself and how unscheduled my days are. One thing I really need to schedule better in particular is my exercising around baby's morning nap.

  4. Hmmm. I have no schedule whatsoever. Haha. Tommy takes several naps throughout the day and whenever he goes down for one, that's when I get stuff done like household chores etc. I can see where it would be very beneficial to start myself on one (for going out and cooking dinner etc...) I need more discipline in my life I guess. Reading this made me feel kinda bad about myself seeing as I have no schedule hahaha. I'm still new at this though perhaps and will develop one as he gets older.

  5. thanks for all the comments! it's nice to know people are reading (especially moms) and i'm not just sharing my thoughts with space! i think working definitely helps keep on a schedule. i think it's part of my personality too bc i can't sleep in pass 8am (which my hubby always makes fun of me for) and i have no idea why. even when christopher was 1st born, i just couldn't sleep in. my mom always kept a pretty strict schedule (bc of all the kids), so i was raised with one which i'm sure influenced me as well.

  6. Marjorie, I think you make a wonderful mother. You have accomplished so much already, I am sure we are all curious as to how the rest of your life turns out. I dont know how you do'll have to share us your secrets sometime. How long does tutoring run? And how often do you tutor? God bless, and take care.

  7. thank you anonymous. i try to be a good mother, i'm not perfect and don't know if i have any secrets :) i tutor mon-fri from 9-2:30pm in the summer and till 3pm during the school year. i'm so blessed to have a job that allows me to be with my son. i hope to be lucky enough to be a stay at home mom for a few years at least one day.