Tuesday, August 11, 2009

11 Months

Christopher is now 11mos old and doing so much. He is walking everywhere so I bought him his 1st pair of sneakers the other day. He stands for a few seconds independently and can stop, pick something up and continue walking without falling down. He just learned to wave and it looks so funny, a little girly. lol! He points to everythings and wants us to name everything for him. He is on stage 3 of baby food and still eating really well (thank goodness he isn't a picky eater like I was as a kid). He claps whenever he hears "Yay!" which is funny. We're working on his ABC's and numbers now. I know a few people who have kids that are not two yet who know how to count to 10 and most of the ABC's, so I'm beginning to work on it now. He knows what "no" means and crys or does a little scream when we tell him that, but most of the time he will stop whatever he's doing that he shouldn't be. He will wave his hand left and right to say no when he's mad or object to something. Here's a video of him walking and waving and another one with the infamous Jack in a Box we got at the beach. I love how anxious he gets when the music is playing because he knows what's coming. lol! I'm such a mean mom ;)

video video


  1. Haha, I LOVE it!!! The Jack in the Box video is hysterical. Isn't it funny how they base so much of their reaction on yours? Once you told him it was O.K. he wanted to play with it. Chris and I talk about this a lot, esp. when it comes to discipline. We've seen soooo many parents who lose their cool and then it only escalates the kid's tantrum. You can tell Christopher is so nurtured! You're such a good Mom!

  2. oh my gosh yes! i hate it when a kid falls down (a not a big deal fall) and the parents make such a big woof about it that the kid cries everytime they have a little spill. all reactions are learned reactions, so we always try to act calm and encouraging no matter what. you must see it in the medical field so much. i've seen it a lot with teaching, especially when parents would drop their kids off at the classroom and build all this anxiety about them leaving them or do everything for their kids. we had one mom who would carry her 1st grader into the classroom, undo her coat and hold juice for her to take a sip when she wanted it. the kid was like 7yrs old!
    when it comes to displine i also don't believe in giving kids a ton of choices, they have no idea what they want yet, it's time consuming asking and they change their mind a hundred times. same thing with parents asking their kid to do something like "do you want to go to bed yet?" or "do you want to get in your car seat?" now what kid is going to say yes to that? and when they say no and you insist they throw a tantrum.
    i really think we see eye to eye on a lot of things when it comes to parenting. it's great that you realize all of this stuff now before you have kids. you guys are going to make really good parents!

  3. My Godson is so big now..cant wait till his birthday!

  4. His reaction to the Jack in the Box is so cute! WOW! He is walking so well!

  5. he is walking pretty good! i got him sneakers the other day which have been great bc i don't have to carry him around stores that don't have carts. i'm really wondering if the 2nd baby will walk as early as christopher did or later. it will be interesting to compare.