Tuesday, August 18, 2009

20 weeks (half way there!)

Close up of me and my belly at 20 wks
Heart (I saw this pose in a magazine and wanted to do it) I can't believe that I'm 20wks already! Time flies when you're expecting baby #2, I think because you're so busy with baby #1. It still seems weird to me to be having another baby because Christopher feels like enough (like were completely satisfied to have him). Sometimes I wonder if we'll be able to love this baby just as much as Christopher or I feel guilty that I'm going to change Christopher's life so much or that he'll feel replaced. I know these feelings/worries are probably normal and that things will be just fine, and most likely better with another baby to love. I'd really like to hear from other mom's who already have a 2nd (or more) or are expecting their 2nd. How do you/did you feel?
I'm feeling better, but I still have mornings where I get sick. Sleeping has been much more difficult this time around. I toss and turn a lot and wake up sore every morning. We were suppose to have our ultrasound today, but had to reschedule, so next week I will have pictures of the new baby. I really can't wait to compare ultrasound pics!


  1. Marjorie you are SO sweet! There is no doubt you will be able to love exponentially, evidenced by the fact that you're worried about it! Sounds like your Mom would be a good person to reassure you. It is evident by watching her around all of you that she loves each and every one of her kids. You'll do the same I'm sure!!!

  2. You look wonderful! I love the poses you have used and that you are actually taking great pictures of this pregnancy also. You are a wonderful mom! I would say you are the most devoted mother I have ever met.

  3. From a mom that has kids that are as close as yours will be in the beginning it is an adjustment but everything will just fall into place. A piece of advice that works for us is to do things with Christopher by himself at times so he doesn't feel left out and those moments will be so memorable.

  4. thanks everyone :) i really like the idea of setting aside time with each child alone. i'm really going to make that an effort.