Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby #2

Here are the pics from my long awaited ultrasound! It took over an hour and the tech still wasn't able to get all the measurements she needed, so I will have to go back next month. The baby was being uncooperative and was moving so much and blocking her from taking the measurements she needed; it was very uncomfortable to say the least. The tech kept pushing and pushing to try to get the angle she needed and I wanted to jump off the table! She even apologized for "torturing" me so much. The positive is that when I go back for the next ultrasound we' ll be able to see the baby in 3D and should be able to get a more detailed image. It was so amazing seeing the baby move so much and the cutest thing was we very clearly saw it yawn and then cover it's eyes with it's hands. So neat!

We stuck with our plans of not finding out the gender, but we both think it's another boy. Gender just isn't that important to us, as lame as it sounds we just want a healthy baby. My appointment got pushed back because someone needed an emergency ultrasound, I saw this woman come out from the room before me crying uncontrollably (she looked pretty far along). That put things into perspective and really makes you not take things for granted. I was surprised when the tech said that only a little over 50% of people find out the gender, she said a lot of people still really want to be surprised. I think I would only find out if it was multiples or the baby had health problems. I'm so glad the baby looked really good and healthy!

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  1. i should mention that christopher's ultrasound profile and this baby's look identical!!! they have the same turned up nose and really pronouced mouth.