Sunday, August 9, 2009

Family Vacation Part I

We just got back from our annual week-long family vacation to Stone Harbor, NJ. We had a great time! We go down every year and stay with Chris' Mom and his sister, her husband and their little girl in a condo. We are so appreciative to be able to stay with his mom, as we can't afford to take a similar vacation on our own. We go the 1st week in August from Saturday to Saturday. This was our 1st vacation with a baby and it went perfectly. He loved the beach, especially the water and was walking everywhere. He now walks more than he crawls (he crawls just to find a place to help himself up). He would take off to the water (walking without help) whenever we put him down. So here's what we did:

Day 1 (Saturday): Dropped Duke off at a kennel in Cape May, picked up a few items we needed for our stay at the grocery store there, picked up the condo keys (we live the closest, so we're the 1st ones there to get them), unpacked, walked to the beach to dip our feet in, got take-out for dinner at Bradley's (next door to the condo, they have the best cheese steaks and milkshakes!) and walked downtown to shop.

Day2 (Sunday): We went to Sunday Mass in Stone Harbor and went to the beach till the weather started to get bad. There was a big storm so we stayed inside for the afternoon and watched TV and played Sequence. I cooked dinner for everyone and we had chicken breast with a rice, peas and carrot medley in cheese. It's really good and the recipe is on the back of Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup can for anyone that's interested.

Day 3 (Monday): We did the beach from 10am-12pm everyday and then headed back for lunch and for Christopher to have a nap, park in the afternoon, meatloaf for dinner.

Day 4 (Tuesday): Beach, pool in the afternoon, Cape May for dinner at the Ugly Mug and shopping, and later at night Trivia Pursuit game Guys vs. Girls.

Day 5 (Wednesday): Beach, lunch with my family, more beach, dinner at this place called Beach Bar which had really good pizza and a live band and went mini-golfing downtown in SH. Chris and I walked the 12 blocks back to the condo on the beach which was really romantic. We would take that same walk when we dated, were engaged and a shortened form last year when I was 9mos pregnant, so it was cool to do it again together.

Day 6: (Thursday): Was rainy so we rested, went downtown and got fudge, my sister-in-law made dinner, Girl's Night with my mother/sister-in-law where we did some downtown shopping, and played Catch Phase later with Chris' family.

Day 7 (Friday): We spent most of the day at the beach (our last day), went out to pizza for our niece's birthday, had cake, did last minute shopping/pictures downtown, played Sequence (Chris and I vs. my sister/brother in law) and packed up.

Day 8 (Saturday): Most of our stuff was all packed the night before, but we loaded the rest into the car, ate donuts from Donna's (a place next to the condo that has the best tiny sugar coated donuts, there's a line out the door for them every morning), said our goodbyes and left at 8:30am. We picked up Duke (Christopher was very excited about that) and made it back home by 10:30am (luckily there was no traffic), but unfortunately I got sick on the ride and threw up (I don't do well on car rides especially ones in the morning).

I did a slideshow with our photos because there were just too many to post, but I'm having problems uploading it.

Part II of our trip is posted below, so don't forget to read!

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