Sunday, August 9, 2009

Family Vacation Part II

As on any vacation we did a lot of shopping :) We got matching SH shirts for our kids for next year, I got sweat pants (but not the heavy, thick kind), Chris got gym type shorts (the silky ones), I got a Christmas ornament for Christopher (it says Big Brother) and one for the baby (a baby in a peanut shell). Christopher got a knitted dog snow cap (for the winter), a truck puzzle and a "Jack" in a box. The "Jack" was a Jack Russell dog (like ours). We took him into the store and popped it for him and it scared him to death! I mean he was screaming. We calmed him down and did it again and he screamed again, but we bought it anyway because it was so neat. lol! He has gotten better with it now (he just gets very anxious towards the end of the song before it pops and holds onto us). So funny! Chris' mom totally spoiled Christopher and got him basketball pjs for the winter, a football onesie (also for winter), a ball, Eagles socks (sensing a sports theme? haha!) and a sippy cup. She also got him UGGS!!! Their not the boot kind (I tried to try a blue pair of those on him at one store and Chris freaked out and took Christopher and left), but shoes with laces in chestnut. Click on the blue words to see the pics of the shoes. I also got a birthday gift for his Mom.
The ornaments
Jack in box
Stone Harbor shirts for next year (I love how Christopher is on the brink of a meltdown in this one)

Some of the good things that I did and would recommend when traveling with a baby was 1. Pack light. We bought very few toys (two toys to be exact) travel size toiletries, bibsters (paper throw away bibs), umbrella stroller (vs. our travel system coach) and the pack and play. 2. Do the beach early in the morning when it's not so hot. 3. If possible go to a place that has a washer/dryer so you don't have to pack as much and can clean something if you really need to. 4. Same with a kitchen it saves $$$ on eating out.

Some of things that could have been improved: 1. Getting a comforter/quilt for the pack and play (I knew about them but didn't get time to get one). Christopher had a tough time getting comfortable and I felt really bad. 2. Having a camera that works all the time or a back up one. My camera has had occasional focusing problems, but it got worse during the trip and didn't worked for 2-3days with the automatic lens focus. I'm no pro and can't use the manual focus (it's so hard), so we missed a lot of photo ops. I'm getting the lens replaced now since it's under warranty.


  1. I LOVE the ornaments. Chris and I bought some from our honeymoon in the Bahamas. I'm sentimental like that too! So happy you guys had such a great time! I was really looking forward to hearing all about it. Literally LoL when I heard a lady from last year recognized you!

  2. chris would get an ornament each year as a kid from stone harbor and their so cool. i thought it would be a good tradition to do with our kids each year bc their not that expensive and a great keepsake. we do our tree with all trinkets and no balls which really looks nice.
    we had a wonderful time and there are so many other stories i have to post when i get a chance.

  3. oh about the pack in play...they have mattress's for it that we invested it, maybe 20 or 30 bucks I forget. Once we did that, Joseph slept SO WELL whenever we traveled. If you think about it, those "mattress's" that it comes with are hardly that. They have no cushion to them whatsoever. I wouldn't want to sleep on that. Babies R Us has those crib inserts. target and walmart didn't.

  4. yeah, i saw them online at babies r us. i remember you telling me about them before and they seem great bc you can just throw them in the wash. we're def getting one bc they can sleep in the pack and play till about 3, so it gets alot of use. i feel really bad about not bringing one for the trip bc he was trooper :(

  5. I found it funny how you mentioned packing the correct amount of toys because for our four weeks away I completely miscalculated. I only brought 4 small toys and forgot her favorite rattle. I felt so badly that she has such little to choose from. Midway through I tried to make it out to a Target/ Babiesrus to buy something new but there were none in the area.

    Those ornaments are really sweet. We also get ornaments while on vacation to remember all the family fun we had together. I love that you got your littlest one an ornament too bc s/he was also there with you. For ours I am going to try to tastefully write the year on the ornament, place, and who was with us. For some I can write on the bottom, but for others I am going to attempt to attach a small tag. Who knows if that will really work out, but I will try.

  6. yeah, the big brother ornament has a place on the back for the date and other information which is nice.