Monday, August 31, 2009

New Car!!!

Ahhhhh!!! We got a BRAND, new (like 12mi on it) family sized car! In case you didn't notice I'm SUPER excited. Chris recently paid off his car loan and mine has been paid off, so we decided to look for new cars. We have been deliberating for months over whose car we should trade in and what we should get. Chris did tons of research (to the point of annoyance) on cars. Thanks to the "Cash for Clunkers" program which cleaned out most dealerships inventory (they really need cars), we were able to trade in my car for $1500 more than it's assessed worth. I had a 2004 Red Ford Mustang (40th edition and with sound system upgrades). It was a beauty. They put it on display out front (I mean they LOVED my car) and I was sad to see it go. But, it just no longer fit our needs. It was a gas guzzler and the lack of four doors with a baby and another one on the way would not have been doable. I couldn't even fit my travel system stroller into the trunk.
Mustang symbol on my steering wheel of my old car
Above: The infamous back seat that I always had to climb back into to put Christopher in. Ultimately the reason why we traded this car in. Below: The interior which I kept in really good condition.Back of my car (this is so sad, I'm missing it!)
Above: Shining red coat
We wanted a car with a lot of seats that we plan on filling up with lots of kids over the years :) So we looked at mini-vans, SUVS, crossovers, hatchbacks and micro-mini vans. We ended up getting the Kia Rondo (a micro-mini-van) that seats 7. 5 star safety rating, 5 year/60,000 mi warranty, 100,000mi power train warranty and it's small like me! We choose it bc it gets better gas mileage than a van and SUV, but still seats as many. It looks like a car from the outside, but a van from the inside.
It was also SO much more affordable than an SUV or van. We liked the Honda Odyssey and will probably get one one day, but the price tag started at $26,000 and that was too much for us. Plus, as I said we're not quite ready for a van. With the Kia car our monthly payments will be about $195-$200 vs. the typical $300-$400 a month payments with an SUV or mini-van. We wanted a new car vs. used because we want this car to last us at least 5-6years. All things considered we have no regrets/concerns about this purchase. It's amazing that it all fell into place bc we have been stressing over this decision since the beginning of the year as Chris' loan payments came to a close.
Below: Interior of the NEW car (still has all the plastic on everything and that new car smell)
Above: We get free Sirous radio for 3mos which is cool and I can just plug my Ipod in (no adapter need)
Below: The 2nd row of back seats still very roomy with cup holders, etc. There is another row of 3 seats in front of this one.
Above: Back view of the car (If you pull on the strings the seats push down for more trunk space)Below and above: Exterior of the new car


  1. congrats on the new car! may every seat be filled with a little bundle of joy one day!

  2. thanks! i feel so old, more like a mom in this car which is really weird! it will be so much easier than my old car with kids.

  3. Congrats on the new car! So exciting!!!

  4. I saw your car just the other day! or at least I wish I saw your actual car. When it drove by I thought that it was like a small crossover (seating 5) but sure enough it was the same as the one you have. That is so neat that with only a pull of a string it goes from 5 to 7 and back to 5 so easily. So glad that you can finally easily fit your stroller in your car. What a great blessing! Have you adjusted to looking for it in the parking lot or do you still hunt for red first? I love the black color. lr

  5. the trunk space and four doors have made such a difference. errands are so much easier, it's unbelievable! one thing i also really like is that there are air conditioned vents in the back. in my old car christopher would get so hot and i would be freezing bc i had to have the air blasting in the front for him to get some.
    i didn't have any adjustment issues in the parking lot surprisingly, but one thing that gets me everytime i go looking for it is how much it looks like a car vs. a van. we are so blessed to have a new car. God really takes care of all of our needs!