Friday, September 11, 2009

1 Year Old!

I can't believe it's been a year already and my baby boy is ONE! It has been such a wonderful year. I have nothing but good memories and wish I could go back in time and relive the whole thing (even night feedings). Christopher is now 20lbs and 7ozs which is about 15-20th percentile. This week he transitioned to table food! The first few days were a little difficult because it would take him so long to chew and finish his food, but now he's eating away! He has always been a very good eater for me, even immediately after he was born he nursed for a solid 20 mins. He also got his 1st two molars on the top, says "what's that?", "ut oh" and "mama." He loves pushing around the wooden plan push toy his Gran got him. It said 18mos on the box, but he's a really good walker and walks at top speed around the house with it :) He pets our dog Duke very gently and it's so cute. We also got rid of the pacifier. He only used it at bed and on car rides, so he didn't really need it anyway.

We had his 1st birthday at our local park. It was a beautiful day and I think everyone had a really fun time. We had a traditional bbq and the kids were able to play on the playground right next to the pavilion. The best part about having a b-day at the park? No clean up! In the future we're only going to do a big birthday party for the 1st b-day, the rest will be simple ones at home with Chris and I. Maybe will do something special for like the 5th b-day and 13th special ones like that. I'm not into making a really big deal out of every b-day. When I taught 1st grade I was shocked by how much parents shelled out on extravagant parties for their kids. How does your family celebrate parties? What's your views when it comes to birthday parties?

Note: I did not take any of pics below, hence why they are not best quality and there aren't many.
Eating his b-day cake (I'm a germaphobic, so I sliced him a piece rather than let him dig into the cake. Plus I didn't want the cake to get ruined)
Singing Happy Birthday. He loves when people clap and sing, but I think he was clueless that we were singing to him!
Our family! Chris was wearing the "No. 1 Dad" shirt I made for him when Christopher was on the way. On the back it says "August 2008" when Christopher was due, luckly he was born on the 31st and made the month of August so I didn't have to change the shirt :)
The cake (the party was a baby blue, prince theme). Treat bags are next to it for the kids and I also had crowns and tiaras for the kids to wear. In my next post I'll post pics of the scrapbook I made for Christopher this past year as well as his formal 1 year old pics which I'm still editing.


  1. We more had family get-togethers for birthdays. Once we were in school, my Mom let us have some friends over, but nothing extravagant. More like sleep-overs with our favorite food. I never felt deprived and enjoyed our homemade cakes. Looks like you had a great day. Sorry we missed it!

  2. His hat and outfit are just so cute! What perfect weather for your outdoor party.

    Celebrating birthdays is something that is and will be very important to me. We personally plan to give more gifts on birthdays than on Christmas. Yet, I am not taking about going to extravagant or spoiling lengths at all. You know my philosophy on toys as it is. Less is so much better! I plan to have friend parties with very close friends, and would never understand inviting 30 kids from school. I also would love to take the child out with mommy and daddy only to do a special event- go ice skating, see a play, or go to the zoo. I also would like to start a tradition of a daddy and child special breakfast or dinner. Although we only have baby girl for right now I am certainly planning for the future when one on one time with parents is more limited. I really want my children to remember their birthdays as times showered with love and attention and not just toys and sugar. On the same note, it really bugs me how outrageously material Christmas has become among Christians.

  3. i find it really interesting that you plan on giving more for birthdays vs christmas. is there a reason for that? i really like your idea of going/doing something special alone with parents. i'm not into throwing parties at an expensive location for kids. it shocks me when i see b-day parties at storybookland and etc where it's $20 per person!
    i totally agree with you on the materialistic of Christmas. i went to the mall last week and it's already decorated for Christmas!? it just bothers me.

  4. We plan to give less gifts at Christmas mostly because we want to celebrate Christmas more Christ centered and less gift centered. So far I am thinking one nice gift from us (or a couple of small gifts) and for each child to pick out a gift for each sibling. I want family time to be the best treat of all. I would rather leave room in the budget to do a nice family activity ( ice skate, see a play, hear a concert) and create a memory. As a child, my Christmases were very materialistic, and I want to do it a little differently because my heart was not in the right place.

    It may sound funny but I want to start a tradition of giving each child a gift on our wedding anniversary. Last year, I gave baby girl the gift of birth. So, I am not sure how to beat that! lol.