Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We got in the Newspaper!

Our local Catholic paper did an article about Catholic online dating and interviewed us. There's not a whole lot about us, but the picture they posted is huge! Here's the link (you have to scroll down to page 3).


  1. Cool! That is a great pic of you guys!

  2. I think you guys are a great success story. My Mom had an annulment when my sibs and I were little and has been looking ever since. We tried without any luck, but tomorrow I'm going to help her with her Catholic Match profile. I think the online connection is great and am hoping my Mom will find someone. I'll keep you posted!

  3. thanks! i think with online dating is really hit or miss. i was on for 2 weeks and chris was doing a trail run at the same time and we just happened to start talking. he actually bought a membership to the site just to talk to me! even though there is a big database of people, very few end up living nearby or interest you. hope your mom has some luck!