Friday, October 23, 2009

13 Months

At the park. He still doesn't like the feeling of grass.
Walking the trail at the park. I really enjoy time with just me and my son.
Thinking...there's a lot to think about as a 13mo old :)
Christopher has been doing such cute things lately that I had to blog about it.

1. When Chris comes home from work, Christopher runs up to him and hugs his leg! When Chris is at work and I say "Where's Daddy?" he runs and points to the front door.
2. Duke and him are best friends. They play together a lot. Christopher chases him around, pets him, and tries to hug him.
3. I have to get a video of him dancing because it looks SO funny. He just bends up and down(?) and laughs hysterically.
4. When I change his diaper he says "ewww." lol! I feel the same way Christopher!
5. He's really into books lately and looking at books. He sort of reads them to himself and points to pictures. When I change his diaper he wants to look at a book! If I don't give him a book when I go to change him he points to the dresser where I keep the books, as if to tell me he wants one.
6. When we drive in the car he calls "Mama, Mama!" and if I don't answer him he will just keep calling me. Very cute because it reminds me of St. Therese. When she was a child she would call "Mama, Mama" till her mom answered.
7. Whenever he has something that he shouldn't and we go to take it away from him, his 1st tactic is run and then when we catch him he holds the object over his head (because you know we can't reach it way up there. haha!)
8. If he wants us to give him something we're eating he comes over and says "Mmmmm" or does this really fake cry. A few weeks ago I left my bagel on the table and he licked off the cream cheese, I knew right away what he did because I heard "Mmmmm!"

Just wanted to share some fun moments from our lives with him!


  1. My fav story was point 6. I am so looking forward to some interaction with M when we are in the car. When I am driving with her, I try to get a response. Yet, if she cannot see me, it is like I am not there. That is just SO cute that Christopher wants your attention. So cute.

  2. i know what you mean. for the longest time i didn't know if christopher was alive back there (couldn't even see him from my mirror) and when he did make his presence know it usually wasn't pleasant (crying):) once he was forward facing in the car seat the interaction began. i even saw him waving the other day to people in a car next to us! he's a very friendly baby.

  3. His waving to others is SOOOOO cute. -lr

  4. Thanks for sharing Marjorie. It really makes me smile with anticipation for when we have kids! I especially like the diaper stories. LoL such a man wanting to read when he poops! I never knew it started so early! I love it!!!