Sunday, October 25, 2009

Boots, boots

So everyone already knows about my love affair with Ugg boots. You have to get a pair to fully understand. They are pricey, but until you get a pair you don't realize how much they are worth it. They are the one shoe I will wear dressed up, dressed down, as slippers, in the summer, winter, all year round really. Well...last week my dog Duke ripped the front of one of my Uggs!!!! To say I was mad/upset at him would be an understatement. He ripped it when I took something away from him that he wasn't supposed to have and he got mad. I punished him big time.
When we went to Nordstrom at KOP this weekend, I went to look at the Uggs (they have the biggest selection there). Is it just me, or is it always crazy in the shoe section of that store? I tried on a pair of the Bailey button Uggs, but wasn't crazy about them. I think the button or strap would break the 1st day and they felt really loose. The pair I had were a special edition. They were short Uggs, but you could roll the fur up and down. Here's a pic of them. They've since been discontinued. However, Nordstrom told me they could order them and ship them to my house for free so that's what I did, with my remaining bday money:)
I also got these boots: Vestted. Actually, my mother in law got them for me! I saw them on TV and online and REAllY liked them. Short cowboy boots have been really popular the last few years and I've always wanted a pair. They are another shoe you can wear both winter and summer, although they are more dressy. I really love them and they look really cute with knee length dresses and are surprisingly comfortable. Chris on the other hand despises them. He doesn't like anything, clothing/shoes that are even a little out of the ordinary. I think their great and boots (especially tough leather ones) are really worth the investment because you can get so many years of use out of them.
What kind of boots do you own, have owned or would like to own if the sky was the limit? If you don't like boots, why?


  1. My favorite style would be the classic below the knee black leather heeled boot. I tried awhile back to find my perfect pair, but I couldn't find a pair that fit my calf well. They were all too loose. I gave up trying to find the perfect pair and might try again next year. -LR

  2. I looooove boots :) I don't think you can ever have too many, they go with everything! My faves are my tall brown leather ones with a wedge heel and my black suede high heel booties!

  3. I have an addiction to shoes and boots too! I'm a leather boot fan and found a great brown heel, mid-calf length pair at 9 west last fall. I also have a pair from Aldo which I wear almost every day. They look a lot like a crinkled paper bag which is weird sounding, but I love them and they are so comfortable! Right now I'm looking for a pair of calf-length sweater knit ones. Haven't been able to find them yet, but I'm determined!

  4. i've always loved the classic black leather below the knee boot too LR! i've always liked the tall boots, but have never gotten any bc i figured i wouldn't have enough to wear with them. have you ever tried Victoria's Secret L? they have the biggest selection of black boots online.

    ania-i know Ugg makes tons of those knitted boots, but their pricey. maybe burlington coat factory? i'll keep my eyes open for them for you!