Friday, November 6, 2009

Grocery Shopping

Lately I have been dreading it... Someone needs to go every week for the things we need and Sept.-Dec. is the busiest time of year for Chris at both his part-time and full-time jobs. So, I have been doing it alone for the past month. I find it is getting harder and harder with Christopher, and my growing belly doesn't help. He tries to stand up in the cart, wants to go where the food goes, wants down; and when he doesn't get his way after awhile he resorts to crying. Of course everyone in the store stares like they've never seen a crying baby. There have been times where I have to carry him while I shop and my back hurts so bad afterwards. I'm too far along to carry that much weight. The worst is carrying everything into the house when I get home and the last two weeks it was pouring rain and freezing. I'm going to try some new tactics the next time around, like bringing a book (he is really into looking at books right now) or bringing some sort of a snack. Anyone else have any suggestions? Who does the food shopping in your house and when? Has anyone tried those "shop from home" programs where they deliver your groceries for you? I'd really like to get info on that!


  1. Love how we're totally on the same wavelength!!! I truly despise it too! I usually do the shopping b/c I plan for the meals I cook, but Chris will go for the in between stuff. I usually make a big trip every 2 weeks, but have been pushing it off lately. Last night I even looked at the online thing, but was disappointed to find that I still had to go pick it up. I don't think delivery is an option around here, but I really think I'd pay for it if I could.

    When I'm at the store, I prefer to use the scan as you go method b/c at least then I can leave sooner! The only problem is this is only available for certain hours during the day. I feel like a crazy person when I go in the middle of the night and I usually feel embarrassed checking out at 2am. (Unfortunately this is when I"m most awake)

    The absolute worst part is carrying all the stuff from the car, up the driveway and up 2 flights of steps. I'm grateful for having food and feel really lazy for saying this but, it is exhausting. I can't imagine doing it pregnant AND with a small child. I truly feel for you! Anyway thanks for sharing and it's good to know I'm not the only one who dreads it!

  2. what is "scan as you go?" i've never heard of that! that has to tough carrying groceries up stairs into the house. i am grateful to not have to do that.
    i was looking into the delivery/pick grocery thing today for the 1st few weeks after i have the baby, but there are no stores that do it nearby. it also couldn't find any pricing information. oh well!

  3. The scan as you go thing is available @ Giant. You register your bonus card and then pick up a scanner at the door. You scan the PLU labels and bag the groceries as you shop. Then when you're done you go to the U-scan registers, download the scanner, pay and leave. It's nice if you only need a few things, but can be difficult with a huge cart-full.

  4. Marjorie try bulk food shopping. A friend of mine only shops once a month (except for milk). Now she lives on a farm so it's a bit different. But if you join up with BJ's or Sams (I recommend BJ's b/c they take coupons) you can buy mass quanities of food. You would need a big freezer to really make it work. We buy our beef and chicken 5lbs at a time, then we seperate it and freeze it. We also freeze extra loaves of bread.
    Plan out your meals in advance and then go do the shopping (when Chris can help).
    That way the weekly needs are smaller.

  5. So sorry strangers are giving you funny odd looks. At the stage baby girl is in right now, she loves to be out and usually stays so well in the cart or carseat. I find that she bogs down my shopping bc everyother older woman stops to wave and say how sweet and happy she is. I am thankful she is usually a pleasant shopper, but by the time she gets older and tired of shopping and another one comes along, I could see myself going out after N gets home in the evening or running out on the weekends. I was thinking today while shopping that when the kids are older (and start realizing that we just went past the candy aisle) I think I might do more shopping without them if possible or stick to more wholesome stores with them (such as trader joes or whole foods).

    I also really dread carrying the food in the house and I am not pregnant and the weather here is not yet cold. Today I packed baby's stroller head high with groceries and carried her in my arms. -LR

  6. I bring snacks!! Raisins are good because they are so small that he can eat them the whole time and still isn't full :) I also use a cart cover for the grocery cart so it is more comfy for him. This seems to keep him happy for long enough to do the shopping :)

  7. ania-they don't have scan as you go around here probably bc people would steal too much. they even took out the self-check out aisles in our walmart bc people were shop-lifting so much. sad.

    amanda- love the bulk shopping idea! i already do that with our meat, but that's about all our freezer can hold. i want to get another freezer once we can afford it and get a sam's club membership. buying in bulk saves so much time/money.

    lr-i think things got progressively harder once he was out of the baby car seat. one thing i would say is that it's good to take kids to the store and go by the candy to teach kids self-control. we never even asked for candy bc we knew it was a no go.

  8. catherine- i think i'm going to try the raisins! i forgot how much he liked those at the zoo (when he ate some of your son's).

    thanks for all of the comments/suggestions everyone!

  9. You know I had issues. Since Monica has been born he has been so much better! She is in the back of the cart so he knows he can't go there anymore. And I ask him if he wants to be my big helper and help me out with Monica. He is at the age now where he understands what that means so that is also helpful for me. I also give him is favorite snack to eat and he literally eats it the whole time (quaker mini ranch rice cakes). I also have a plan in my head of where I am going first, middle and last and I shop as FAST as possible. I have gone with both kids for a month and I know I said I would never do it but I am glad I did because it actually (for now!) works out! :)