Sunday, October 11, 2009

To Do List

A few posts ago, I talked about how many things I have to get done before the arrives and I'm glad to say that I have gotten a few things done. We took our Christmas pictures and ordered our Christmas cards. They are already addressed and sealed, so all I'll have to do is get them stamped and mailed. I went with an online company and got the cards on sale (early bird special) for $0.98 a piece which isn't too bad for a 5x7 card with envelopes included. I wanted to put more work into this year's Christmas card because for many of our relatives and friends it's the only picture they will see of our family all year. I plan to pre-order baby announcements from the same company too since they did such a great job. Here's a question for everyone: What do you do with the Christmas cards you receive? It's been a tradition in my family to hang them on the back of our front door during the Christmas season for all to see.

I've pulled out all the baby clothes and washed the baby equipment like the baby carrier, etc. I still have to put the baby clothes I'm going to need right away in the nursery drawers and I want to better organize all of the clothes I have into two large containers: one for 0-6mos sized clothes and one for 6-12mos sized. I also went through my own clothes the other day and donated a bunch of stuff I don't wear anymore.

Next weekend I plan on getting most of our Christmas shopping done when I go to KOP. I'm also going to do some clothes shopping with birthday money which I'm excited about. I'm in desparate need of winter maternity tops and want to get some regular winter clothes for after the baby. I'm hoping to find tops that could work as maternity, but aren't so I can get double use out of them. Still have a lot to get done...but I'm making progress!

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  1. We usually hang the Christmas cards around the frame of one of our doorways in the house. My Mom was also big on leaving decorations up until Christmas was officially over in January. I always liked that b/c then I had decorations up for my birthday.

    I hope you have fun shopping @ KOP. I have the itch to go clothes shopping too. Looking forward to seeing what you get :)