Tuesday, October 20, 2009


A few new pics of Christopher, I just love my little boy!He's getting so big!

Giggles :)
My 23rd birthday was last week, I'm getting so old! lol! I had to work the day of but it still was a nice day of surprises. Chris left a Willow Tree figurine (I collect them) in the china cabinet for me, so sweet. It was a figurine of a mother and son. When he came home from work he surprised me with a bracelet from Tiffany's (he works in Philly so he walked to the store over his lunch break)! It was an expensive gift and I told him ahead of time not to get me anything expensive, but he said it was a birthday gift/a gift for having Christopher :) We had planned weeks in advance to go out to dinner last Friday. I was so excited about it the whole week because my mom was going to watch Christopher for us and we haven't eaten out in so long. Unfortunately, Chris got sick with a cold and headache and felt too bad to go out. I was so disappointed, after cooking dinner the whole week and looking forward to it!

Friday wasn't such a bad day though because I spent it clothes shopping with bday money. JCPenny had a huge sale (which I didn't know about till I got there) and all of their jeans and shirts were buy one get one for 88 cents. So I got a $50 pair of jeans for 88 cents and a shirt for 88 cents. I also got a pair of gray jeans (figured they were different) for $24. I got a hooded sweater from Hollister (I'm not normally a Hollister shopper, but this sweater was too cute) that was $50 for $24. It wasn't on sale or anything, but I didn't ask the cashier any questions :) I also got a really cute $19 dress and a few other tops. Christopher was really good in the mall too. I was even able to try stuff on while he played in the fitting room with the hangers.


  1. Sounds like you had quite a successful time! I went out for some retail therapy today and didn't find a thing! I'll have to hit some of the same spots you did and see if I have any luck. Thanks for the tips!

  2. yeah, i lucked out. a lot of times it's so hit or miss, i was just telling chris that today. sometimes one store will have exactly what you're looking for and the next week you'll go back and it's gone and there's nothing.

  3. Happy Birthday! Is Chris all better now?
    That is great that you were able to get so many things that you needed. I find it really fustrating when the stores do not have what I need (for the prices I want), and I waste so much time looking. My husband does lots of shopping online, but I have not ventured far into buying online because I really have to try everything.

    I thought that Christopher's eyes looked more gray in last pictures beacause of his gray shirt. Do you think his eyes look different depending on what he is wearing? usually they are bright bright blue.

  4. Chris ended up being fine, thank goodness. i do part of my clothes shopping (especially for Christopher) online. i search sites online and make notes of what i like, try to find coupons/sales for those items, and then go to the store with my mental list. it has cut down so much time that i would spend in stores!

    i think his eyes are a mix of blue/gray. when you look really closely i think they are more of a light gray than blue.