Sunday, November 8, 2009

32 weeks

Belly @ 30 wks (and my new boots!)
Me @ 30wks
I'm starting to feel a little bit more prepared for the arrival of baby two. I have really been working on getting things done on my long-term to do list. My biggest accomplishment thus far: ALL OF THE BABY CLOTHES/BLANKETS ARE WASHED AND IN NURSERY DRAWERS! It was a really big undertaking because I wanted to improve the organization of the baby clothes I have. When I had Christopher my mom gave me a huge container of boy, girl, and neutral baby clothes (she had saved from my siblings) and of course I amassed even more clothes after he was born. I now re-organized everything. I have a container for baby layette NB-3mos, baby clothes 3-9mos, and clothes 9-18mos. I also got a multi-sectioned container for baby shoes/socks and small accessories.
In the meantime, our Christmas cards are ready to mail, all of my Christmas shopping is done and the gifts wrapped, I got Christopher's Christmas pic taken at JCP and have completed other normal household tasks like taking down the Halloween decorations and raking tons of leaves. The only things that remains for me to do is shopping for some baby items (diapers, more A&D ointment, bundle me, double stroller, and play yard comforter, etc). It has been different preparing for a winter baby. With Christopher he outgrew the receiving blankets before it got cold enough to really use them and this time they will be an essential.
I'm really starting to get excited now. Before I had a lot of anxiety about the new baby replacing Christopher, giving them both enough time/love, and adjusting to changing two diapers, etc. I let those fears go, knowing God will provide me with the strength I need which has been freeing. I also realized that all I can do is prepare as much in advance as a can and accept that things aren't going to be perfect at first. Had an OB appointment last night and everything is really good, baby is head down, good size and best of all: NO Stretch Marks! The Dr. said I probably won't get any if I haven't gotten them at this point :)


  1. So we were discussing this at work the other night b/c Chris and I don't think we'll find out our baby's gender when we have one. I've noticed that a lot of "neutral" baby clothes look more like they're for boys. This is the main reason I'd want to find out. If we have a little girl, I refuse to dress her in anything that would make her look like a boy.

    Just curious, what do the neutral clothes look like? I feel like when our parents had kids less people found out the gender and the clothes were more neutral. One of my co-workers said white works the best as a neutral color, but I'd worry about getting out milk and diaper stains.

    Did your parents keep the gender a surprise with each of you? I'd imagine it'd get easier with each one b/c you'd already have clothes for both.

  2. many gender neutral clothes are more boyish. i don't like light green for boys or girls even though it's neutral. i have a lot of white and yellow from my mom (she never found out, and yes it was easier for her bc she had clothes for both). target and walmart have winnie the pooh clothes that are so adorable and neutral, i have that. organic clothes are also really popular right now and they come in cream and white which i love bc it's so classic. someone got me the cutest white clothes with little yellow ducks all over it which is so cute too. i also love white and think it's easier to clean. if they get stained you can bleach them and wash them in hot water.

    preparing for this baby i was really glad i got neutral clothes for christopher. if i had gotten all boy stuff last time and have a girl this time around i would have nothing. neutral clothes are harder to find, but worth the investment bc you can use them for every kid regardless of gender.

    people give you tons of clothes as gifts after the baby is born, it's crazy! i didn't buy any clothes for christopher till he was about 9mos.

    one thing i would caution: if you do find out the gender, don't tell anyone till your shower or at your shower or else everyone will buy you clothes rather than the stuff you really need like baby equipment which is expensive.

  3. You look so cute in these pictures! I think that is really great that you are taking maternity pictures for baby #2. I hope to take even more pictures than I did with M's pregnancy.

    Even though I try to be baby neutral with all our gear, most blankets and swaddlers, and most of our baby toys, I do prefer to dress very girly or very baby boy (when the time comes). I will admit I had one neutral white outfit with little duckies that was one of my favorite. Perhaps, if I saw more layette outfits like that one I would like neutral outfits more. I just do not understand how people can afford or justify buying boy gear then girl gear. And often I find that the selection of neutral blankets, swaddlers, and sleepers is very small. -LR

  4. yes, going neutral with baby gear is a must! i also should mention i don't have any neutral clothes after 3mos. there aren't any out there. i went neutral with basics, but also have a lot of really boyish clothes too. if i ever have a girl i think i would go very girlish too (i know my mom would for me!lol!) i have a good mix.

  5. i meant to say in my 1st post that people will give tons of gender specific clothes as gifts after the baby is born. i mean i got so many adorable blue clothes it was overwhelming!