Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holiday Plans

This year they are going to be so different for us. Normally I have Thanksgiving dinner with my family. My mom likes all of her kids to eat with her on Thanksgiving so I always have. In fact, it wouldn't feel like T-day if I didn't eat with my family. This will be the 1st year we're going out to eat rather than eating at their house because my parents are in the process of moving. I don't think it's going to feel like Thanksgiving this year. We could always join Chris' family, but I'll be too far along to travel at that point (I have an 35 wk OB appointment the day before T-day to see if this baby is getting ready to come out). At 35 wks with Christopher I was 3cm and I'm hoping to be the same this time around. I plan on baking some pies for Thanksgiving to get in the spirit and because I love eating homemade pie! I also want to make a mini-Thanksgiving dinner for us with sliced turkey, mashed potatoes (real ones, I'm not a fan of boxed), fresh green beans, rolls and cranberry relish. What's your favorite T-day food? Are there any unusual/traditional foods that are served at your dinner? One unusual food tradition we have is celery sticks filled with cream cheese. Yum! Where do you eat T-day dinner?

We're also going to be sticking close to home this Christmas as well, as I'll be due in days. I'm actually excited to be staying home for Christmas, but a little worried it will lonely. In years past I've spent the day traveling around to visit relatives and friends. Now that we have a little boy, I want to start spending Christmas at our house as a family and create traditions rather than driving all around. I hope to have a fun breakfast and make a fancy Christmas dinner if I'm able.


  1. I'm excited to stay home Christmas morning, also! We'll head over to my parents' later in the day, but I am looking forward to being home Christmas morning and starting our own traditions :)

  2. Chris and I have been talking about this a lot lately. While we were dating and engaged we spent the holidays with our individual families and visited each other either later in the day or on a different day altogether. Holidays are difficult too schedule-wise for us because I often end up working. (Sick babies don't take a vacation). Thankfully our families are both very flexible. This year we're having T-day dinner with Chris' family on Friday and mine on Saturday. We haven't yet figured out Christmas, but figured now that we're married we'll be making some of our own traditions.

    Once we have kids I think we'll stay closer to home as well. Normally for T-day my Mom's entire family gathers at our house. We're all older now and I think we're on the verge of leaving old traditions and starting new ones. After all, our parents changed their traditions once we all came along so we'll eventually have to do the same. I think the transition time can be weird for everyone, but I know in time we'll all cherish the way our new traditions make us feel.

    My wish for you this year: That you make a fun new tradition with little Christopher that you do from here on out. I hope the time is a blessed one for all of you!

  3. P.S. I was blogging about the holidays as well tonight and laughed when I saw you did the same. Same wavelength, I'm tellin' ya....

  4. Where are you going out to eat? are you going to have traditional food?

    Since baby girl, my place as been the place for thanksgiving. I find it so funny because we never really talked about it among the family- it was just one of those "we'll see you at thanksgiving." Both of our families are staying over our place from wed to sun. 13 of us in a 3 bedroom is tight- but we make it work and have a really nice time together watching movies and playing games.