Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 (Our family of four: Christopher 14 months and baby 8 months)
We had a great Holiday! Chris had off the entire week (I had off beginning on Tues) and we got a ton of stuff done (that will be another blog post). Early Wednesday my sister Mary came over and we baked. I baked pumpkin pies and she baked pumpkin bread, all of which came out really good. On Wednesday night I volunteered to help create Thanksgiving boxes of food for needy families. There was a huge turn out at our church and we packed 450 boxes! Despite the fact that I'm 8 months along, I still was able to pack 3 boxes.

Thanksgiving morning we watched the T-day parade on TV, something I've done since I can remember and Thanksgiving Day was spent with my family. Since my parents are in the process of moving, we ate out this year which was different, but the food was really good. My little brothers and sisters put on a Thanksgiving Day play (a tradition) that's always funny/cute. Overall, we had a happy holiday! Love to hear about how others spent their holiday!

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