Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Christopher with his Gran at KOP. The store in this picture had this fake Santa you could pose with. I have to post Christopher's pic with Santa because it's too funny, he's looking at Santa and crying. On Saturday we went to KOP to look around with Chris' mom and aunt and ate at the Cheesecake Factory. Christopher was really well behaved the whole time (sleeping on the car ride up helped). He kept waving to people and walking around the mall so cute.
Here's a pic of him in his dog hat (we got in Stone Harbor this past summer) before we left for KOP. He doesn't like the flash of the camera, so his solution was to close his eyes like so:
I finally managed to get around to ordering the bundle me and double stroller this weekend. Then today the stroller went on sale ($50 off) and I was super bummed because I have been watching for months to see if it went on sale, but Chris called BRUS and they credited our account for the $50! I also assembled one of the rockers I got for my parents and opened the other one only to find that it was missing the screws to assemble it and the foot on one side was broken in half. I have called every A.C. Moore in our area and Philly looking for another white rocker so I can exchange it, but no store has it. I asked to get it ordered to the store, but it's a seasonal item and they don't know if they'll carry it next year :( I'm going to call the manufacturer tomorrow to see if they can send the missing parts for the 2nd rocker and I really have my fingers crossed!

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  1. I love that hat - so cute!!!

    What a bummer about the rocker...I'll say a prayer you can find one!