Monday, December 21, 2009

1st Week at Home

Sleeping peacefully at 1 week old

Andrew is a week old already! The 1st day/night home was a little rough. My whole family came to visit and have lunch which was a a lot of fun, but a little overwhelming (I have 13 siblings). They also brought Christopher home (he was staying with them) and Christopher wanted nothing to do with me or the baby at 1st which broke my heart! Seeing Christopher for the 1st time was really emotional. I had missed him so much (he couldn't visit me in the hospital) and when he didn't want to come near me I felt SO guilty! I felt like he thought I had disowned him. It's bittersweet in that way with having another baby because Christopher and I were so close and he's no longer the baby. On the other hand, he now has someone else to love and who will love him back. He has since been fine with me and is interested in the baby. He likes to pat the baby's head and tries to give him a kiss. We're just working on him being more gentle.

As I wrote in previous posts, I was worried about loving both children equally, etc. That was not a big transition at all. As soon as I saw Andrew, there was an instant bond. He was so tiny and helpless and I had been so worried about him being healthy while I was in labor. While I was in labor the nurse was telling me that I wouldn't get to hold him right away, that she had called the NICU team upstairs and that there was a chance he would need to go to the NICU. I was so thankful he was perfectly healthy! Once he was born I felt like I knew him already. He was the little, quiet baby he had been in the womb. Christopher was so active in the womb, I actually worried at times that he was in distress or something, but Andrew was so much more mellow. He really didn't cry at all immediately after he was born, one cry and that was it. Have other mom's felt they knew their baby's personality before they were even born? Drew even gets fussy and moves all around at 11pm, just like he did in the womb.

The 1st night with Andrew was really rough. He was up crying for 4hrs straight, but it has gotten progressively better. He now is getting up 2-3 times a night and sleeping really well. His hospital picture came out cute (much better than Christopher's). I'll post it when I get a chance and they're already in the mail to family. Birth announcement to everyone on our Christmas card list to come the 1st week of January.

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