Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 Blog Recap

Here's a list of my favorite posts for each month from 2009. Click on the links to view!

January-The Best Part of my Day...
Video of Christopher waking from his nap. He looks so little in this video!

February-Joy of Having a boy!
Reflection on how much I've enjoyed raising a little boy.

March-6 Months
Christopher at 6mos, still can't believe how little he looks in the pics!

April-1st Easter
Christopher's 1st Easter which was also shared with his baby brother (I was pregnant at the time, but didn't know it yet).

May-Preggers Again!
Announcement that Christopher was going to be a big brother.

June-The Best Day of my Life
Fun facts about our wedding day complied on our 2nd anniversary.

One of my all time fave posts! A reflection on my life as a new mom and wife.

August-Baby #2
Ultrasound pics of Andrew (of course we didn't know he was a he then!)

September-One Year through Pictures
Another top 10 favorite posts! A picture of Christopher for each month through 12 mos. Love looking at how he's grown.

Spent with my lil bear and lil pumpkin :)

November-Thanksgiving Weekend
I could just eat Christopher up in the pic of him with his eyes closed.

December-It's a Boy!
Announcement of the early arrival of Andrew Joseph, our 2nd son.


  1. This is such a cute idea!-LR

  2. i stole it from another blogger :)