Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Andrew's 1st Christmas
Our tree decorated with Precious Moments Angels
Ride on toy Christopher loves from his Gran
Santa baby(s)!
Christopher with his favorite ornament (it winds up and rings)
The last pic of me preggers at 36 weeks a few days before Drew's surprise arrival. In this pic Christopher is hanging his big brother ornament which I filled out for Christmas 2009 :)

We had a very simple Christmas this year. Christmas Eve Chris had work and it was the 1st day I was home alone with the kids. The day went well because they both took a 3hr nap and I did some packing. We are moving on the December 28th (details in another post), so it has been super busy. Having just had the baby, I wasn't able to go food shopping (or anywhere else for that matter) and all of our pots and pans are packed so I couldn't cook/bake really anything. We were going to get take out from Applebee's (we had a gift card) that night, but they were closed. In fact, I had a little bit of a breakdown on Christmas Eve because things are just so out of order this holiday. The house is nearly empty, everything packed and boxes everywhere, I have so much to do but can't because I'm trying to recover. The fact that I couldn't cook or bake a special breakfast/dinner or make Christmas cookies, etc like I always do really disappointed me.

On Christmas Day we went to Mass and Christopher opened his presents. This year he was really into Christmas: pointing to the Christmas tree, Santa, and opening presents. I got Chris LOST Season 5 and he got me a digital photo frame. We just kept gifts simple this year because we have so many expenses with the new house.

Chris and I were discussing the best/worst gifts we ever received and gifts that were memorable to us as kids. I'd LOVE to hear answers to this question from others in the comment section! Here's mine: The most memorable gift I received as child was a water baby. They were all the rage back then. Basically, it was a baby doll whose body filled with water and felt/moved like a real baby. Most memorable as a teenager was the Kit doll from the American Girl Doll Company. I was too old to play with dolls by then, but I loved the doll because it was the first doll the company did with short hair and freckles. My parents completely surprised me with the doll for Christmas. It was one of the biggest surprise gifts I ever got. Most memorable gift as an adult would be a music box Chris got for me when we were dating. He filled the box with gift tags that had a message for each day of Christmas. My favorite gift this year was Coach perfume from my mother-in-law. I'm not a big perfume person, but I love this scent!

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