Saturday, December 12, 2009

Life with a 15 Month Old

When we were decorating the tree we took out this ornament from Christopher's 1st Christmas at 3mos old and it brought back memories of this blog post. So much has changed with Christopher's schedule since that last post almost 6 months ago! For one thing, he not eating baby food anymore and has been eating table foods the last 3 mos. No more morning or late afternoon naps, just one long afternoon nap. He also walks and talks (limited words) and is so much more independent. Here's an updated peek into our daily life:

7am Christopher is always up which means I am too.

7-8:30am I feed Christopher (he usually eats Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat or Organic Yogurt with a Nutragrain bar), feed the dog, eat and do morning chores (like making beds, etc.)

9am Tutor while Christopher plays independently. He really doesn't use the play yard anymore now that he's learned to walk.

11:30am Lunch (he eats things like a sandwich, mac and cheese, etc)

12-2pm His afternoon nap

3pm Tutoring ends and we walk the dog (Christopher now walks with me holding my hand rather than in the stroller)

3:30-4pm Errands outside the house (if any), laundry, start dinner, etc. while Christopher plays

5pm Is still dinner time for all, but now Christopher sets out Duke's dog food! It's so cute and he does a really good job even clapping for himself once he's done :)

6pm Bathtime with some playtime afterwards

7pm Story/rocking, prayers and bed

He's really taken off with the talking. Still says "Where's Dada/Duke?", "What's that?", Mama, Baba (bottle), hi and bye,"Who's that?", book, and yes (and all dogs are Dukes). We're working on please and thank you, up and down, and Jesus. He knows what "no" means and will listen to it. If he doesn't listen he gets a time out (which he hates) for a few seconds in the play yard. He really likes feeling independent and helping (ex. he helps load the groceries from the cart to the check out counter). He's learning the concept of puzzles, loves bananas and Beechnut cookies. He knows where noses and eyes are and the new baby (points to my tummy and pats it). We love him so much!

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