Thursday, December 31, 2009


Family room w/gas fireplace and window seat
Kitchen (excuse the boxes and paper/plastic protecting the floors)
2 Story Foyer
Master bathroom
Another view
Master Bedroom
Samsung Fridge
Samsung washer/dryer in laundry room off kitchen

Has proved to be a little easier than packing, mostly because I am feeling much better. I had a difficult recovery this time around (not sure if it has anything to do with going early or what) and couldn't help with the packing or do much of anything for that matter. I was literally "couch ridden." Very different from the easy recovery I had with Christopher. I was driving around/going places with him alone the second day home.
Moving is so time consuming and stressful and we don't even have that much. It requires you to go through EVERYTHING you own and make a decision about: to keep it, donate it or trash it. We did a lot of donating and trashing which was cleansing! I want to make it a goal to go through medicine cabinets, closets, and pantries every year to get rid of expired items or old things. 75% of our things are now unpacked and it's exciting to finally have a place for wedding gifts that have been in boxes, cookware, and have extra space available! It's also exciting to be in a permanent home where we can paint and decorate and make investments.
It's also nice to have new appliances. We used the new home tax credit we got of $8,000 to buy Samsung front load washer/dryer and fridge. The front load appliances are so energy efficient they pay for themselves in a year. A top load washer uses 40-50 gal of water per wash and ours uses 10-15 gal to give you an idea. Having a water machine on the front of our fridge is also great.
Now that were for the most part unpacked, we'll begin having pictures and eventually painting rooms. The first rooms we plan on painting will be our bedroom and the nursery. Our bedroom will be a tan color called "harvest brown" and the nursery a shade of white called "antique white" (color I had in the nursery at our old house). Many of the rooms in the house are currently empty because we don't have furniture yet. We can only afford to buy one piece at a time. We purchased a family room media center because we had nothing to put our TV on. Eventually, we want to buy the other pieces to the collection for the family room and the matching dining room set.


  1. Your home is lovely! I am so delighted that you are in your own wonderful home! I really enjoyed all the details from the paint colors to the link to the media center. -LR

  2. I am very proud of you and Chris. The house is beautiful and I am sure you will make many lovely memories. Christopher and Andrew are absolutely handsome, not that I didn't expect them to be! You two are terrific parents. Love you all. jmp