Thursday, January 21, 2010

36 Weeks 3 Days

Big difference from having Christopher at 41 weeks and 3 days!!! Everyone told me I would go early, but they said that the 1st time around too. I REALLY thought I would go overdue again. It never seriously crossed my mind that Andrew would be even a day before his due date. When he did come early, it threw a monkey wrench into all of our plans. I've wanted to blog about all of this for awhile, but didn't get the chance (maybe because we've been a little busy? lol!)

Anyway, I was NEVER and NEVER WILL BE a woman who "just wants the pregnancy to get over with" or go even a day before my due date. There I said it. I understand why women want to go early: uncomfortable, anxious, etc. I love being preggers! It really is such a special time and you can never go back. The new clothes, the baby moving, wondering what the gender is, the little courtesies you get from strangers, all so exciting. I knew I'd go overdue with boy #1 from the start. It was comforting to me, I had lots of time to prepare and I knew how crazy it would be once the baby came so I soaked up every minute of him being cared for in "auto-mode." I remember going out to dinner the weekend before he was born and happily telling people who asked I was 3 days overdue!

It came as a shock when Andrew was born so early. I didn't even believe I was in labor till they checked me into triage and told me I was 7cm. We were both like "What!?!" The doctor said "I swear! I really can't send you home or else you'd have the baby in the car." It was overwhelming. I still hadn't gotten baby diapers, prepared meals or moved! All like I had planned. I even was excited about taking a Christmas and New Year's photo preggers :) Everyone kept telling me how "lucky" I was to go early and I didn't feel that way at ALL. I felt I had lost all my prep time, missed those fun last weeks of pregnancy and it was a really difficult time for Chris to get off from work.

Once he came though I looked at the positives. He was here for the holidays, born in 09 (which is neat bc we were married in 07, had baby 1 in 08 and him in 09), he was so tiny and healthy! I guess I just wanted to share this with people and let them know that not everyone wants to go early, maybe other women feel the same way? I know I can't be 1 in one million :)


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  2. anonymous, i was just sharing my honest opinions about my pregnancy. i'm sorry you had unhappy pregnancies, but that does not give you the right to criticize me or how i feel. please do NOT post on this blog (or read for that matter) if you are going to say things out of anger or unhappiness.