Thursday, January 28, 2010


That's what Chris and I call Christopher sometimes. When I was pregnant with him, we didn't know the gender so we referred to him as "bumba" and the name just stuck. Anyway he's been doing some adorable things lately and I'd thought I'd share.

-He loves opening and closing all of our kitchen cabinets (which I don't love so much because he pulls everything out) and Chris told him "No!" So after that he went around to each and every cabinet pointing to them and saying "no, no, no." So cute!

-He sneaks and feeds Duke treats (he learned how to get into the container that holds them). He also calls all dogs "Dukes."

-He learned how to take pictures of himself with my camera phone and he actually poses for the pictures!!! I was in total shock.

-He's knows how to build simple puzzles. He also plays Boo! (Where he hides behind a door and says "boo!" to us)

It seems like he does something new and funny every day. This is a really fun age (but then again I say that about every stage)


  1. Every stage is the best stage!! Wow, is so smart!! I just cannot get over how much he can do already. His telling the cabinets no reminded me how funny the associations kids will make. M just started to clap her hands when we say good girl- I guess because we usually clap for her when he is a good girl.

    Christopher's posing for pictures is so cute!!

  2. So cute! He'll love hearing these stories when he's older too. My Mom tells us about when we used to do this kind of stuff and I love hearing about it. Amazing how fast they pick things up, isn't it?!

  3. LR-christopher does the same thing with clapping. it's so funny when they clap for themselves.

    ania-i love hearing those kind of stories too! i really like hearing about the stuff chris did when he was little :)

  4. I gave up the fight on the cabinets and locked the ones I didn't want them to touch and left open the one with the tupperware. It would keep them so busy when I would do the dishes. Sure I'd have a mess of tupperware when I was done but that was easy to take care of. I used a a teaching tool. Kids learn by repetition right? So if they made the mess I would have them "help" me clean it up. I would give baby 1 piece at a time to put away. It set the building blocks for chores and cleaning up.
    Of course at 3,4, and 6 they still resist cleaning up but they know we won't relent no matter how hard they try ;-)
    Enjoy it. It only gets better

  5. amanda- it's funny you should bring up the "clean up" concept. we have really started christopher with that since the baby arrived. i call him my "helper" which has really had a positive effect on him. he takes a lot of pride in putting out the dog's food, getting me a diaper for the baby, etc.

    for now i'm pretty much doing hand-over-hand with him when it comes to cleaning up toys, but he's getting the concept that he has to put things away, etc. it's good training till he can do it himself.