Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Love it, but.........

I ordered this TV cabinet from Thomasville for our family room and it's beautiful (it's a little deeper in color than seen in this photo)! Unfortunately, it must have gotten damaged during delivery so I have to wait another 5-6weeks for a new one. At least we can keep this one till they send us our new one. My favorite feature is that it has a build-in surge protector. Looking forward to buying more furniture from this collection and if we get a good tax return, this (click on the link) will be what we purchase next for our dining room.


  1. Very nice! We need something like that to hide all the darn wires, it drives me nuts! We just bought a desk for Chris' home office! Love getting new furniture!

  2. yeah, i love getting something new too. right now a lot of our furniture is old and mismatched (the typical newly married hand-me-downs)! lol!

  3. It is very nice. I like how you have planned for the future to get the matching pieces.