Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Making Our House a Home (Part I)

I write part one because there will most likely be many other posts in the future as we get furniture, paint, and decorate. There are so many things that need to be done/purchased, but we're taking things one at a time because of the expense. I'm learning that a home is a lifelong project that your constantly working on. I am so thankful for this house and I'm trying to focus on all that we have done rather than all that remains to be done. The hardest part of packing, unpacking, searching for a home is behind us and the fun part remains decorating!

The 2 story foyer that leads to the kitchen
. It still needs to be painted, but we have to hire a professional to do it because of the height.
Mirror from Target (the door on the right is the bathroom)
The 2 pictures that hang in the foyer (Me in my wedding dress and a maternity picture of the 3 of us. I think it's neat that I'm looking out the same window in both pics) Nursery Before
Nursery After (The walls still need to be painted Antique White and the curtains hung, but for now this is the progress we've made)
I plan on hanging Andrew's name above the crib (like I did with Christopher) with his baby picture, but I'll do that once Andrew moves to the crib.
Still need to hang the matching curtain
Lastly, I forgot to include a picture of the study room in our house. This room is right off of the foyer to your right as you enter.


  1. Beautiful home! It's hard to wait to get everything to decorate. Chris and I waited until now to do some decorating/furniture rearranging. Can't wait to see what you've done!

  2. it's amazing how fast expenses for the house add up. we had nursery and master bedroom furniture from the old house, but that's it. we ordered a media console table and were going to get two large rooms professionally painted next month. then we have to save up again, but that's how everyone starts out.

  3. A home is always a work in progress! I am always looking for ways to decorate on a dime and if you are ok with mis matched furniture, thrift stores are perfect because you can get furniture, strip the paint and then stain/paint them all the same color. Also, HGTV has awesome ideas for headboards, etc. And if you haven't already found a painter, my father owns his own painting and wall papering company.

    Have fun & Good Luck!

  4. I was delighted to see it all in person!!! Your house is one of the most lovely homes I have ever been in! I am delighted for you and will love watching the progress as you decorate. -LR