Friday, January 22, 2010


It shocks me when parents don't know the meaning of their child's name and don't have a reason they selected the name for their child other than they liked it or it was on the top name list. I think names are SO important and wanted to share why we chose the names we did for our children! Our baby Andrew "Drew" Joseph

Andrew means "manly" and is also the name of the 1st Apostle of Jesus. I liked it because none of our extended family had the name and because I like the nickname Drew. Joseph is the name of one of our favorite saints (the foster father of Jesus) and the name of my Godson/brother Joseph. We also want all of our sons to have middle names that begin with a "J."

Our Christopher James reading and relaxing with the comfy pillow & blanket from his Aunt.

Christopher means "Christ-bearer" after St. Christopher who tradition says carried the Christ child across a river. We choose this name because it's my husband's. James is also Chris' middle name and the name of his father. An interesting fact about his name is that it's the longest name in the English language!


  1. I totally agree about names having meaning. LoL I know I've told you this, but Andrew and the nickname Drew are on my list too. It's just such a cute name! We have a few names picked out for our babies too and I even find myself looking on for name meanings all the time.

    Are all of your children going to have middle names that start with a J? I love all the new pictures and think the block letters are a cute idea. I already have so many ideas for baby pictures too and can't wait to take them. Hopefully a baby McDonnell will make their debut in 2010 or 2011. It's all in God's hands but we're eager and excited! Thanks for sharing!

  2. for now just the boys will have middle names beginning with J. there aren't many girl names with J that i like, but a lot of J names for boys i do. i know i want the middle name of the next boy (whenever that is) to be Justin.

    i think we're as eager and excited for you to have a baby as you both are! it's so much fun and just think we could have play dates!

  3. I know, I can't wait for the community aspect of play dates that the mommies get to enjoy too!

  4. I think it's nice to know the meaning of your child's name, but I don't think it's wrong if you don't pick the name BASED on the meaning. We chose our child's name based on the fact that it was #1 on our name list. It just so happened that, secondarily, the name has a meaning that we really do love. If it had a less desirable meaning, we would have still chosen it.

    What about naming after a family member to honor someone? I would do that even if I didn't cherish the meaning of the name...

    In the end, I think giving a child a strong name suitable for childhood through adulthood is more important than the meaning. When I meet someone for the first time, I certainly don't form my first impression based on their name's meaning, nor do I go look it up...


  5. i think you misunderstood what i was saying. i do NOT pick a name based on it's meaning, but the meaning is important to me. for instance i might reconsider a name i like if i didn't like the meaning (that's only my opinion). i do think parents should KNOW the meaning of their child's name. there's nothing wrong with picking a name because you like it, but i'm a little deeper than that. i like to have reasons as to why i picked the name as well. it's great to tell your child i choose your name because....

    by "top name list" i was referring to the social security top ranked names for the year. i taught in a 1st grade classroom that had 3 Haleys. so i try to steer away from names that are super popular.

    i do like the idea of naming a child after a family member to honor them. my son's middle name is joseph after my brother who is also my Godson. my son's name is christopher after my husband.

    i should have mentioned that we try to pick names with religious meanings as well. we're Catholics so my sons are named after saints.

    i'm curious about what you named you 1st? (if you wouldn't mind sharing) also if you wouldn't mind sharing, do my husband or i happen to know you? again you don't have to answer, but i always like hearing who reads my blog! :)

  6. to sum up everything, MANY things are factors into why i choose a name: meanings, family connections, nicknames, etc. so when i see someone just pick a name off the SS list at the hospital bc they like it that's shocking to me. i could never do that.