Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One Month Old!

#6 Which number is your favorite? Mine is #1. I took all of these shots and my sister Mary used photoshop to do all the fun effects. I love them!


  1. 3 is my fav! They are all so cute. I love how you you treat Drew like he is a first born (in the picture department). I think that is wonderful and I LOVE seeing all your pictures

    Talking about photo editing. I was wondering if you have ever used the add light option on picasa? So many times it has saved my photos that were too dark. I have noticed that I think it decreases the crispness of the photo. Yet I love the feature and it is my fav feature after retouching.

  2. i'm trying to keep up with everything i did with christopher, especially with the baby book and pics.

    mary did the editing with potrait professor or photo shop i think.

    i've never tried the add light option. i'll have to!