Friday, January 15, 2010

Photo Dump

In our family christening gown
My 2nd son
These pictures were taken in our new house, by my sister Mary

I love this dress I got from Target

Baby boy
Can't stop kissing him!


  1. Beautiful!! My favorite is the first one. Of course I love seeing him in your family gown, but I also love the angle and how he is looking up and you are looking at him. How wonderful all of these pictures look!! -lr

  2. I love your dress too! -LR

  3. thanks! i got the dress from target!

  4. the dress is very stylish. i was wondering where you managed to find young and fashionable maternity clothes.

  5. thanks! i have gotten some cute maternity things from target, gap maternity, and destination maternity, but to tell you the truth, i don't buy many maternity clothes. i buy regular clothes that are loose fitting most of the time to save money.