Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sewing Project

Remember this project from awhile back? I stopped working on in the summer, but I've recently taken it back up again and this time I'm determined to finish it. I'll post pics as I make more progress. This ABC afghan has been the most challenging cross stitch I've done thus far, but I'm really enjoying it :)


  1. Wow! How do you have time for this with two little kids?

  2. thank you. i try to pick one long-term project to work on, that's my "outlet." i work on sewing projects during nap time and after the kids are in bed and try to do at least a little each day. it gives me a sense of accomplishment and isn't that difficult. my time however, has been more limited since i had baby #2!

  3. Beautiful, MJ!!

    How many mins a day do you think you have been able to work on it?

  4. if i do get a chance to get to it (i don't everyday) about an hour. i usually do get to sew at least an hour a night once their in bed. some days more some less it all depends.