Saturday, January 16, 2010

Steam Mop Review

After much research/review reading I decided to purchase the Shark Steam Pocket Mop. Overall, I'm in LOVE with it. If it broke tomorrow I'd go out and buy another one because it cleans so great. Here are the pros and cons I found with using it.

Pros: Cleans amazing, I mean really amazing, my floors are gleaming. Easy to use. Heats in 30secs. No chemicals needed. Good for the environment/children. Good for daily use. Can be used on multiple surfaces: tile, laminate, hardwood; all surfaces I have in our home. Sanitizes surfaces killing germs. You can flip the mop head to extend the area you can clean at one time. Came with two, easily changeable mop heads: a rectangular and triangular shaped one. Gets rid of odors. Cleaned areas in half the time. Save money buying floor cleaners. Pads are machine washable like a rag. Comes in a pretty purple color.

Cons: Expensive. I spent $100. It gets a little tiring pushing it (your pushing motion pumps the steam), but compared to scrubbing a floor on your hands and knees it's easy. Can't leave it one in one spot or it could damage your floors, but again a wet rag could do the same. Need to be careful while on with children as it gets very hot (212 degrees) and again a bucket of water with chemicals in it needs to be supervised as well.


  1. you can also use it to sanitize carpets and to take out carpet indentations caused by heavy furniture resting in one place for a long time (a tip i learned from my MIL and it worked!).

  2. Thanks for sharing this. -lr