Saturday, January 23, 2010

Unpacking Update

Above: Hall bathroom before
Below: Hall bathroom after (still needs to be painted)

Below: Master bedroom before

Above: Master bedroom after (still needs to be painted and the curtains hung, but we've made progress)
Above: Left side of the master bedroom that leads to closets and bathroom and right side of the MB where Andrew sleeps

 My closet (for the women)

 Above: Master bathroom before
 Below: Master bathroom after (still needs to be painted)

Professional painters come to paint the family room and foyer the 1st week in February. We got an amazing price (now is their slow season) for getting these two rooms painted. The rest of the house we will paint, but the foyer/family room's walls are too high for us to do ourselves. The new media console comes on Tuesday (so we can finally take our DVDs out of the box and get rid of the eyesore that currently holds our TV). Before and after pics of these projects to come!


  1. Your house is beautiful! I look forward to moving into a home where we can raise our family! It must be so exciting and wonderful to be settled in now. Congratulations.

  2. thanks! it's taken almost 3 years (our old house was owned by my parents) and it feels really good knowing were in a house we will be in for years. we can make investments here and best of all know this is where our kids will grow up!

  3. It is lovely! These before and after pictures are a favorite with me.

    Your closet looks so pretty. I love seeing all your dresses. It seems that girls no longer wear dresses anymore.


  4. LR-i got the before and after pic idea from you! i like see the progression of things too.

    i love wearing (and buying) dresses. if i ever have a little girl i'm going to go dress crazy!