Saturday, February 20, 2010

2 Months Old

 I can't believe he's two months already! I've been trying to hold him, take pictures, and snuggle with him as much as possible because I know how quickly this newborn stage passes. I'm even treasuring the "late night dining." It's such a special time to cuddle and feed him in bed in the middle of the night and stroke his little face; we're the only two up. I love his smell and soft skin. I could just eat him up!

He's doing really well and weighs 11lbs 9ozs! He's in the 50th percentile for weight and height (Christopher was in 75th at this age), but that's really good considering he's completely breastfed. It's so amazing to think he's completely dependent on me for nourishment. I love babies...especially my babies :) Above are some pics from another one of my little photo shoots. Enjoy!


  1. I <3 the second to last one, the angle is neat! You're camera is awesome!

  2. thanks! D-SLR's have really come down in price and are SO worth the investment once you have kids. i just enlarged some of my fave pics (for only $3!) of the boys to put in frames. i find it's so much cheaper than professional pics and a lot come out way better. i brought a bunch of black frames of different sizes and i going to create a photo collage/gallery on are one wall in the house. pics to come once i'm done with the project.

  3. You go girl!! His weight is wonderful! (Not "just" for nursing but bc he wasn't as big as Christopher at birth.) It is so fun and amazing to know that your baby is dependent on you for nourishment just like in the womb. I love God's invention of nursing and how it a phyisical transition from pregnancy. The last picture is my favorite. -LR