Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Andrew's Baptism

Andrew Joseph was baptized on February 14, 2010...Valentine's Day! I think it was really fitting he was baptized on this day because he gives us so much love. His baptism was beautiful. We were surrounded by our family and friends. He wore the same Christening gown Christopher did, our family gown. Andrew was the only boy baptized. He was wide awake as he was baptized (Christopher wasn't) and cried when they poured the water over his head. Still haven't given him a bath since because I love the smell of chrism on his head, the smell of holiness I think.

The priest asked the mothers before the baptism to share what they wanted everyone to pray for for their child. One said health, another happiness, another that their child would have the same "lifestyle" they had (didn't agree with that one, material possessions are just not that important in this life) and I prayed for the gift of faith. I chose faith because that's the most lasting thing we have in this life. Material possessions come and go, we have good times and bad, periods of sickness and health. Faith is what gets us through all of the seasons in our life and gives our life meaning and purpose. It's the key to everlasting life which is what we are born to attain. I hope he is blessed with this virtue. Here are pics from the day!
We celebrated afterward with lunch at our new house. Didn't get any pics of the food, but here's one of the cake (vanilla with raspberry swirl). Yum!


  1. I think faith is a great gift to pray for and totally agree that it's what gets us through!

  2. chrism is blessed oil they bless the baby with. it is a symbol of unity (all babies baptized into our faith are blessed with it) and a symbol of strength (in ancient times athletes would use it on their muscles to prepare for fights).