Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Andrew started smiling last week at 8 weeks old. I was a little worried at first because Christopher started smiling at 6 weeks. I know every child is different, but it's hard not to compare them. Andrew's personality is so different from Christopher. He's a lot less active than Christopher and was so even in the womb. Many times I wondered if he was alright in there because he moved so infrequently. Drew is more fussy than Christopher. He's still an easy baby, but he has his times. There's something about his personality that is more quiet than Christopher.

From the moment Christopher was born he was SO alert, looking everywhere, curious about everything. Andrew sleeps most of the day and pretty much gets up to eat and goes back to sleep. I also felt like I knew Andrew even while he was in the womb, something I didn't feel with Christopher. Despite the fact that I didn't find out the gender, I  just knew he was a he! When I first found out pregnant I thought of him as my quiet baby Drew. When he was born, he was just as I had imagined him to be. I feel like I have a special bond to him in that way:) Now he's making everyone in our family light up with a :)


  1. I had to smile at this post, one b/c of Drew's precious smile and two, b/c a co-worker of mine was just talking about comparing what her daughter does to what her friend's son does. I think every Mom does it and I'm sure I'll be no different. I have to say that Drew is starting to resemble Christopher as he grows too. So cute!

    I can definitely attest to the fact that every baby is different, at least from work experience anyway. Some of the differences as far as sleeping/smiling between Christopher and Drew are probably because Drew was born as a late preterm baby and Christopher was post term.

    Preemies, even late preemies like Drew tend to sleep more and be less alert at times. It's actually better that they sleep more b/c they're completing the development they would have gotten inside the womb. If you really think about it, Drew was born roughly 3 weeks sooner than Christopher was. If Drew had been born at full term, he might have even smiled sooner than Christopher did. I hope maybe this helps you not to worry so much.

    LoL I'm sure I'll be coming to you for advice all the time once we have some kiddos. Lord only knows that past the age of 3 months I have no idea what kids are supposed to do. Just found out the other night that you're not supposed to give kids under 1 year much to learn!

  2. that's helpful to know. my sister (she's studying to be a nurse) was saying the same thing the other day. the sleeping has to be more than personality/temperament. i really wonder why he came early. could he has just been ready? i beat myself up a lot for it, thinking i could have done something differently, etc.

  3. Please do not beat yourself up! You're a great Mom and did nothing wrong. The truth is sometimes we don't know why babies come prematurely. Sometimes there are reasons, like infection etc., but I actually learned in my NICU class that a large majority of preterm births are ideopathic, meaning there is no known cause. Crazy that there are still so many unknowns in modern day medicine, right?

    The important thing to focus on is that Drew is healthy and is developing quite normally. He's getting chubby in his cheeks and it's all thanks to the hard work you do for him! You are doing so awesomely well! His pediatrician would let you know if there was something concerning, so no worries. Plus from the pictures I see, he looks great!

  4. i'm so thankful he was born so healthy and such a good weight. i will always wonder why he came early (i know he's nothing in comparison to the preemies you work with), especially considering how late and big christopher was. i know my body could have handled it. i guess it was just his time. thanks for the reassurance!

  5. Such sweet pictures!! So funny how "normal" baby milestones are so relative in the eyes of the parents and with what they have experienced. Our little miss smilely didn't smile til 9 weeks, and it was so rare I didn't catch it on camera til a month later. (at 37 w 6d), she was closer to Drew's gestatial age than Christopher's 42 weeks. It fasinates me how you were pregnant with Christopher 5 more weeks than baby Drew or me preg 40 weeks less than you with Christopher. I so thought I was going to be late like you the first time around. Not only do pregnancies take on different "personalities" and situations, they even have different lenghs which also effects the whole experience.

    Back to your Baby Drew, his smile is so sweet. As he has grown into his own face the more he he reminds me of ATF. When you are up for it I would love to see comparision pictures of baby Drew and baby Christopher. -LR