Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Compare & Contrast

I've been meaning to do a little compare and contrast of Christopher and Andrew for sometime and finally got a chance. I've been having a hard time with inserting text after I've posted pictures on blogger since they've updated their features, but the sequence is a picture of Christopher followed by one of Andrew for comparison at birth, one month, and two months old.

Here are my thoughts: People think that Andrew looks a lot like my side and Christopher like Chris' side. I think they look just like each other, but people have forgotten what Christopher looked like at Drew's current age. They see Christopher now and Drew now and they don't look much alike. I think they have the same face, nose, chin, ears and eyes. Their smiles are different. Christopher's smile is still exactly the same now as it was in these pictures over a year ago. Their skin color/tone is different. Christopher was so fair-skinned as a infant and Drew was much more yellowish, blotchy. Perhaps this has something to do with him coming early? Drew's lighten up much since birth, as you can also see from the pics. Christopher was also much bigger at Drew's age now. I just put away Andrew's newborn sized clothes and took out the 0-3mos size. In some of the pictures of Christopher at 2mos, he's in 3-6mo sized clothing! I'll do more of these comparison posts as they continue to grow. Please share the comparisons and contrasts you see!  


  1. So sweet!!! I love this post. I was surprised to see how much alike they look in their newborn pictures. I do see the same nose, eyes and cheeks. I think that they have different lips and forheads. Do you think Drew had jaundice at one month? I heard that it is more common in preterm babies and winter babies. Did he just clear up on his own or did you lay him in a sunny window?

    I love all the pretty blankets you used in these pictures and the sweet outfits you have on the boys. I really prefer those sweet sleepers to the colorful and outlandish ones they have for toddlers. I have been looking all over for simple sleepers for baby girl, but I have not found any that I really liked past the 12m mark. I prefer baby styles even for older babies or "toddlers." (My baby might be toddler age but she cannot toddle on her own yet. :)

    The other day I fell in love with a blue baby boy petit ami romper outfit half off at a consignment store. Part of me felt so silly buying an outfit I dont have the baby for, yet at least I bought it on store credit (from selling clothes). I have noticed that my baby boy style is so unique that if I come across the sweetest outfits for really great prices while deal hunting, I can afford to buy one here or there and store them for when needed ( bc I wouldn't be able to afford such outfits new).

  2. i think you are right about the lips and forehead.

    strangely, andrew was tested several times for jaundice and had none. christopher did though and had to have light therapy. my siblings had it terribly bc my parents have different Rh factors. catherine had it the worst and was baptized in the hospital bc it was so severe.

    the other day i saw an adorable vest in children's place all blue with a sailboat on it and thought of you :) so cute! i may buy just the vests for the boys and then i buy cheap,cheap dress shirts and pants and mix and match looks. i think it's easier to do that with boys; get a lot of looks out of mixing/matching pants and shirts. you can also change it up by layering with different ties, sweaters, and vests.

    my MIL and mom have been generous in buying really nice rompers/special occasion outfits for the boys like andrew's knitted coming home outfit and christopher's birthday romper. i think i have a petit ami romper from christopher with a sailor's cap and white marine type tie. my favorite outfits for them are soft knitted blue ones. i take great care of them so i can pass them down and if you ever have a son you're welcome to borrow what i have!

    btw- you always dress your little girl so great! i saw a white dress sweater at target that cuts high (like the one she wore on her b-day) there. you should check it out, looks like your taste.