Monday, February 8, 2010

The Men in My Life :)

Here's a little update on what each of them have been doing. Christopher really likes his baby brother :) At church on Sunday there was a little girl looking at Andrew and I whispered to Christopher "She wants to take your baby" and he got really upset and went over to protect Drew from her. lol! He also gets up in the morning and runs to Drew's cradle saying "Where's baby, Where's baby?" The other day he was covering Andrew with a blanket. He's such a good big brother and helper. Lately he's been playing peek-a-boo with Duke. He opens and closes the bathroom door saying "boo!" to Duke, and of course Duke stands there puzzled.

Andrew just started smiling yesterday!!! The 1st time I saw him smile was at Christopher :) I was a little worried about him smiling because Christopher started smiling at 6 weeks and Andrew is going to be 8 weeks in a few days. Every child's different. He has been really good at holding his head up while on his tummy, he's even rolled over a few times already on his own?! Christopher didn't roll over till about 4-5months old. He's been tracking objects well since 4 weeks old too. I can see he's reaching developmental milestones early like Christopher did which is good.

Chris just started getting his master's degree this January. Right now he's taking 2 night classes and will take 2 over the summer. It's been a little rough the nights he has class because he leaves so early in the morning for work and goes straight from work to class. He doesn't get home till 10pm or later. It's a sacrifice now financially and time wise, but advancing his education now will have future benefits for our family. I'm so proud of Chris for doing so well on the GMAT and juggling work and school. He's a really hard-working husband and father :) I'm thankful for the wonderful boys God's put in my life.

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  1. Beautiful family!! I thought it so interesting how you mentioned the boys reaching thier milestones at different times. Each baby is so different.

    Congrats to Chris on getting his new degree! That is wonderful, and it will be worth all the effort when he is done. It is so hard having them miss family time though. I always think it is so odd that there are some days that baby M and Daddy never see each other (not to mention the weeks and months) because he comes home so late or not at all. And you too understand that now too. -LR