Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Already!

Last week was so busy and fun-filled, I can't believe it's Monday already. On Ash Wednesday we went to visit Daddy at work, had lunch with him and went to Mass. A play-date on Thursday where Christopher got to play with two other boys his age. Best of all, on Friday Chris and I went on a dinner and movie date! It was the 1st time I was without Andrew since he was born. (Side-note: Chris and I pretty much go everywhere with our kids. A lot of parents don't even attempt to go out to eat, to stores, etc with their kids. That bothers me when I see parents constantly looking to "dump" their kids on a babysitter or forgo going out. I want to be surrounded by my children. Is it tough/harder at times? Yes, of course. But that's how kids learn manners/good behavior by going places.) It has been months since we went out together alone, so it was a nice treat. Since we're on a super tight budget, we got the soup/salad lunch deal at Olive Garden and saw Dear John at 2pm when movie tickets are cheaper. (Always looking to save, even when we treat ourselves).

The boys were watched by my mom. Because most of my siblings are still young Christopher is played with every minute he's there. He literally falls dead asleep as soon as were in the car. Speaking of which, I spent Saturday at my Mom's (Chris had work) and my parents had friends over. One of my Dad's friends remarked that my siblings are more like cousins to Christopher than aunts/uncles because they're so close in age, it really works out great. On Sunday we woke up and put the boys in bed with us to cuddle (I just can't stop kissing them their so cute!) I was finally able to coax Christopher into holding his brother for the 1st time for some sweet pics. Later in the day I put Andrew's newborn sized clothes back into the container and took some bigger clothes of Christopher's out of another container. (I'm crazy organized and have created a "container system" of replacing/taking Christopher's old clothes, so I don't have to buy anything new or dig through piles of old clothes. Their cleaned/folded before I put them into containers, so I can whip them out. Yet another way we save $$$).

Now it's Monday and I'm back to laundry, errands and cleaning (and kissing my boy babies). I've also been working on a "Sweet Gallery" for the wall in our family room. It's basically a collection of family photos in black, multi-sized frames that you put on floating shelves to create depth/interest. I'll post pics once I'm done with this little project.       

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