Friday, February 26, 2010

Surprisingly Pleasant Experience

About a week ago Andrew went to the our new pediatrician office. Finding a new pediatrician for the boys once we moved was something I looked forward to. I hastily picked a pediatrician when I had Christopher. The practice was suggested to me by one of the nurses at the hospital and it was a decision I came to regret. I didn't realize that I should have choose a doctor that shared my philosophy when it comes to vaccines. I'm not anti-vaccine. Christopher is up-to-date on all of his vaccinations with the exception of the MMR vaccine. I just don't agree with the approach of giving 5 different vaccinations (each vaccinating for 3 different things) to a 1-2mo old baby.

I like to give 1-2 vaccines at a time. Why? Because vaccines have many side effects, some of which are severe. If one of my kids did have a serious reaction, how could I tell which one it was to since they had so many at once? I've seen and worked with children first hand that were harmed by vaccines (I taught in a school with children that had moderate to severe autism). I truly believe there's a link between autism and the MMR vaccine. Many doctors will tell you there's no link, but there's no research to back that up. In fact, in recent years, researchers quietly revised (to avoid lawsuits) the MMR vaccine because of claims it was linked to autism and took out some of the components. I heard/read dozen of stories of children that were perfectly normal, walking and talking, who after receiving this vaccine suddenly began to regress or stop development. For that reason I am putting the MMR vaccine off till my boys reach school age. I'd rather them get measles, mumps or rubella than autism which they would have for life.

Anyway, back to my experience at this new doctor's office. It was great!!! The place was brand new, so clean and modern in design. I got taken with no wait (I was the only one there) and I didn't need to have their records transferred because they could do that electronically once they scanned our insurance. The doctor was very friendly and not pushy at all with vaccinations. The other practice we went to would argue with me and told me if I didn't agree with their philosophy on vaccinations I should leave. They also tried to force me to get vaccines by saying that I had to by law. No, the only thing I'm required to do by law is have them fully vaccinated by the time they enter school. I would also wait there on average an hour to 1 hr and 30mins before being seen. It was not clean and I would see a different Dr. each time (here you see the same one).

Given my bad experience at the old doctors, you're probably wondering why I continued to go there. Our insurance only allows us to change practices if we move or other "life altering reason." I also liked that the old place had a 24hr calling service where you could get in contact with a nurse practitioner at all times who gave great advice. I only used the service twice, but it saved me a trip to the ER at 1am. This new office has the service too so I'm covered and as a bonus it's only a mile down the road :)    


  1. Glad to hear you had a positive experience, especially after hearing your stories about your GYN and Peds visits before.

    It's crazy how there's so much to think about when you're raising kids. I go back and forth about the whole MMR thing all the time b/c I hear conflicting evidence as a healthcare practitioner. I personally elected not to get the Gardasil or H1N1 vaccines b/c I tend to be very allergic to medications and was worried that they hadn't gotten all the "bugs" worked out yet.

    It's interesting that you mentioned this now. Currently at work, our article of the month is about the harm coming from the trend of not vaccinating. We're seeing a resurfacing of smallpox, polio etc. which were thought to be eradicated. Some of the infected children then go on to infect infants who aren't of age to be vaccinated yet. Sometimes the results are devastating.On the other hand though, there are SO many preservatives etc. in the inoculations that are harmful as well.

    For me, I'm not sure what to do. My kids will probably inherit my drug allergies as I did from my Mom, and I don't want to do anything to harm them.

    Just curious, is your vaccinating philosophy something you and Chris decided on, or is it something your parents elected to do as well? Thanks for sharing!

  2. well, christopher is up-to-date on everything except MMR. i just took the shots 1-2 at a time. my philosophy came from my 1st hand experience with teaching autistic kids, talking to their parents and the research i studied on vaccines at lasalle (their links to developmental/mental disorders). my parents full vaccinated all of us without question (there wasn't much research back then). it wasn't till my brother (kid #10 in our family) had a bad reaction to Hep B that they changed. my mom was really scared and the next four kids she had, she began doing what i am now.
    i really hope in the future they come out with safer vaccines that use less chemicals/preservatives, etc. it puts parents in such a hard position. you're at risk if you don't get vaccinated and at risk if you do. btw-i didn't get the gardasil or h1n1 vaccines either. my GYN even told me she wouldn't get the gardasil bc it's so new and there hasn't been much long-term research on it. i'm just after it could have some side effect on my fertility to be honest.

  3. What a catch 22 right? Sometimes I think it's crazy how many injections kids get all at once too. I'm just curious, what kind of reaction did your brother get from the Hep B vaccine? How scary that must have been!

    I used to nanny for a family whose youngest son has now been diagnosed with Asperger's. When I watched him he seemed to be developing normally. The only "odd" thing is that he seemed to be allergic to apples. (he'd get really bad diarrhea) Then I went off to college and a friend of mine took over watching them. She'd describe the little boy as freaking out when the vacuum cleaner went on, which was something he'd NEVER done for me. Part of me has always wondered if vaccines had anything to do with this.

    I'm just hoping with all this talk of "going green" that they'll find some way to make vaccines without as many chemicals. Thanks again for all your insight.