Saturday, March 13, 2010

3 Months Old

Here are some new pics of little Drew. He's actually wearing a hand-me-down outfit from one of my siblings! I thought it would be cute to take pics of him in this outfit because people are always asking me what kind of neutral clothes I like for babies and this is a perfect example. You don't have to do all "yellows and greens" for a baby. This is such a classic outfit, I would use it for a girl too. I also love knits for babies and someone knitted this blanket as a gift for my baby shower with Christopher.

Time is going by way too fast and I've been trying to suck up every sweet minute with this little boy and his brother. Spending early mornings (before work) snuggling with him in bed, kissing his soft little cheeks, drinking in his "baby" smell and making him laugh so I can see his smiles :) Cutest thing ever: My hubby tells me I fell asleep feeding him one early morning. Drew was still awake and at one point I turned over so he could see my face and when he saw my face, he lit up in a huge smile. While he's still getting up 3 times a night, I'm trying to enjoy every night feeding because I know, before I know it, he's going to be sleeping through the night and I'm going to miss our "late night dining" dates.

I know I've said this before, but his personality is different from Christopher's as a baby. For example, there are little toys attached to the swing and Christopher would never play with them (we'd show him them, encourage playing, but he was totally not interested). Andrew loves them. Plays and plays with the toys on the swing. He fell asleep in the swing and woke up suddenly and was searching around to make sure those toys were still there! He very much wants you to entertain him. Christopher had his own agenda; he was off running. Andrew likes looking at faces, people talking to him and being held. Very baby-like. And oh my goodness, when he sees Christopher's face it's like a vision to him! He smiles SO much and is so happy to interact with him. They are getting along so well...but that's another blog post in and of itself :)

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