Monday, March 1, 2010

It's the little things...

...that make a house a home. We hung the curtains and painted the nursery (click on the pictures to view them larger)! We had plain white blinds up on the windows as soon as we moved in, but didn't have the money to buy curtain rods to hang our bedroom curtains (there are so many little purchases that you have moving into your 1st home). I found a white, wooden curtain rod at Lowe's for only $19 for Christopher's room! I also got paint and supplies at The Home Depot for $47! The best part was that I didn't pay a cent because I had a gift card from Christmas.

I painted the nursery "Antique White," but it should have been called "Antique Ivory" because it was much darker than it appeared on the sample sheet. The color is growing on me (it's not what I was expecting)...I really like how the white furniture pops more now, rather than blending into the wall. It's also neutral so if the room is ever changed it will match well with other things. Let me know what you think of the color! I'm open to constructive criticism. I'm real with people and I want others to be real too. I'm also looking for suggestions on what color to paint our bedroom??? We have mahogany furniture with light cream-colored bedding and window treatments. Don't want to do cream because the nursery is that color and so is our bedding, etc. it would be too much. I also don't want to do beige because we did the foyer that color.   

Chris and I painted the nursery together and I think we did a good job. It's smooth and even and we didn't have any accidents (like spills/drips) thank goodness. It was fun doing a project together and I'll be truthful stressful at times with both boys (and Chris' constant jokes/singing. lol!). In all it took two days to finish. I was so tired after painting and cleaning up the supplies that I fell asleep on the floor with baby Drew while Chris vacuumed and pushed back all of the furniture for me! It was such a sweet and very appreciated surprise.

Next I'm planning on painting the living room (the room at the front of the house by the dining room, not to be confused with our family room which we just got painted). I'm going to tackle that next (when we have a few extra bucks) because it's a smaller room and it's empty right now, making it easier to paint.


  1. I think painting the walls a white-ish color is an odd choice with white furniture. Perhaps a nice neutral would make your white furniture actually pop and make the room look less bland. Just my opinion.

  2. can you give me an example of a "nice neutral" you would use?

  3. I could see a muted yellow or green...nothing bright, but something to complement the bedding set and allow the white of the furniture to pop. Just my opinion.

  4. Hmm...I think I have to agree with the other poster. I don't love the ivory color. It's not horrible, but it doesn't quite seem to go with the bright nursery decor. The white furniture would definitely pop if there was a color on the wall. Maybe a nice yellow or green? Like a few shades lighter than the yellow or green in the bedding set?

    Speaking of the bedding set, I'm surprised you use bumpers. You seem to pride yourself on being on top of all the research and recommendations. Isn't the latest recommendation to avoid putting anything--including bumpers--in the crib? Thoughts?

  5. It seems from reading your blog that you really like neutrals, but in kids rooms, you need color. Children need it for stimulation and creativity. Based on the colors of the bedding/curtains, I would go with a pale green color, it would coordinate with everything and accent the white furniture.

    On the other hand, in your bedroom, with the dark furniture and cream bedding, you could go with a light mocha color. It would look really nice.

  6. wow! thanks for all of the suggestions! i really wish i posted this up there before i chose a color. i do like neutrals and like the light yellow color suggestion. green, not so much. i know everyone says "yellow and green" as neutral colors for babies, but to my mind green is too masculine. i want the room to be able to be used for a girl, if we ever have one. once i'm done painting the rest of the house, i think i'll change it to yellow. i'll post pics again of our bedroom so i can get suggestions on what color(s) to use since this feedback has been helpful.

    as for bumpers, my 1 and a half year old sleeps in this room so he's passed the age risk for SIDS which spikes at 2-4months. also i think 70% (or more) of SIDS deaths take place outside of the primary caregivers home (which speaks volumes to me). finally, the latest research suggests that children are pre-disposed to SIDS from birth, indicated by low levels of serotonin i think. so in most cases even if every precaution is taken (using a pacifier, sleeping on back, etc) it usually wouldn't change the outcome unfortunately. i do pride myself on keeping up with research :)

  7. MJ. I think the nursery color looks beautiful!! I am thankful this color is growing on you after it was not what you thought it would be. Why is it that colors never turn out how they are described or look in the little sample? I think this ivory does make the furniture pop really well, and it is a classic color that will never be outdated and "so 2010." I think that your nursery has a great amount of color through all the creative accents. I think a darker or brighter color would not match well with all your accents. Green would be too masculine for a neutral nursery, and I have heard that yellow walls makes babies cry. Have you ever heard that? I think that baby girl's nursery could go with a very drastic color choice because all her accents are white and silver, yet I LOVE my all white nursery and could only see me painting the walls the lightest ivory. Since baby girl is exclusively in her nursery for sleep, I do not think she needs any color stimulation but rather calming muted colors. (Here are some pics from my friend. Thank you ever so much for making her a MJ couture comforter.)

    It is funny how she is not even changed or dressed in her room. (Hopefully the little use the furniture gets will help it to last for decades.)

    For your bedroom, have you thought of a metallic gold color like your sister's room? For bedrooms my favorite color is blue. Of course there are a million different blues- yet most of them I love for bedrooms. Are you going to paint your living room and dining room the same color? It's hard to figure that out when two rooms are connected. The advice that I follow in decorating is if it is "the thing to do" don't do it because next month it will no longer be in style. It is fun to see you do about a home project a month. I am looking forward to such fun home projects if it is God's will for us and this home we put an offer on.

    For your bedrooms, have you ever thought of putting up crown molding in the future? Has it ever crossed your mind? I personally LOVE it, and I could see myself saving up for that before even getting the painting done. It is so classic and frames the ceilings so well. Just a decorating thought.

    For decorating inspiration, I would really suggest searching through decorating blogs until you find a few that are like your style. I'm sure you would find great ideas that would fit you and your budget. I'll have to send you some that I enjoy looking at for inspiration. -L

  8. Also Marjorie, you forgot to mention to that you take the bumper out whenever Christopher sleeps in the bed. It is simply a decorative piece of bedding that you put in there when you make up his bed.

    Also, I love the color! Don't change it to a yellow or green. For a few reasons: 1.) There is plenty of stimulation and creativity for Christopher with the bright colorful decorative items in the room, curtains, toys, etc. 2.)I think that it is a wonderful neutral color that will be excellent if a girl comes along and you decide to change the theme of the room to be feminine. 3.) The color you chose seems to really make the furniture pop and is not a loud and attention grabbing yellow or green, which would distract you from the rest of the room.

    But that's Just my opinion :-)

  9. I don't consider green a neutral like ivory or beige, but I also don't consider it a masculine color. Pale green could definitely be used for a girl's room, and is exactly what I plan to use for a nursery when I have a daughter. A beautiful mint green can be accented with blues or darker greens for boys or pinks and yellows for girls.

  10. yeah, it's a nice color just not my taste for a nursery color. i had a sun room sage green and loved the color in there. i think what you're describing would be very nice in a girl's room. for nurseries i personally love very traditional/victorian type colors like baby blue, pinks or white/ivory. hence why i chose the very traditional white furniture, originally white walls (now they are ivory) and the bedding was my "pop" of color.