Thursday, March 18, 2010

One & A Half

I'm so glad I can say that rather than use months when people ask how old Christopher is! My big boy weighed in at 24lbs 5ozs (seems like a lot, but it's average). He is below average for height at about 30ins. I can not believe how much time has flown by. I feel like it was just yesterday when I was pregnant with him. Can time just stand still? I'm loving this age! He is saying everything, feeding himself, helping me (and not listening to me sometimes too), playing with his brother and into EVERYTHING. He runs, climbs, chases, but is really well-behaved in public. He is still very easy going and cooperative. Even his doctor remarked how good he was sitting on the table with his hands folded as he was being checked :) A very loving boy; definitely a mama's boy.

She mentioned that if I think he's ready, I can start potty training. Now, that's too much to take in! My baby out of diapers! lol! I think I'm going to start after Easter (we'll be on vacation over Easter, so best to wait till we get back before introducing something new). On average girls are potty trained by two and boys at three, but the doctor said she's seen boys trained by two too. Plus, he's always been an early bloomer. Can anyone recommend any potty training books, methods, etc? It's the one area of child care I really don't know that much about and I'm sure there are newer methods/research out there that I haven't heard of. 


  1. I know I left a FB comment about this, but Chris' aunt and cousin have potty trained a bunch of boys an they swear by allowing them to walk around without pants or a diaper. I'll have to refer you to their blog post once I can find it. I can also ask Chris' aunt what she recommends. They just had their 7th baby :) Good luck!

  2. I completely recommend that method, too! that's what we did w/eve- it was apparently my family's method, which i discovered when i started asking around. just plan to stay home for a bit! also, rewarding her w/m&ms after a successful potty trip seemed to help, too!
    good luck!

  3. i'm hesitant to do that bc won't they go on the floor? i'm definitely NOT using pull-ups though because they are the same as diapers and a big waste of money. they never learn unless they feel themselves wet.